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Outside, Cristina forgets about Mere's problems and starts fretting about her own, upset that Izzie's working with Hahn. She hopes out loud that one of the two ambulances arriving has a trauma that will get her back into cardio for the day. Alex and Callie are also there to greet the wounded, and Alex asks Callie if she'll need help. She replies, "As long as you wanna smash bones. To dust. While people cry." Now this is the Callie that I've missed! Alex also loves it. Ambulance #1 disappoints Cristina. Two girls are bought out amidst a lot of bloody tulle. The first girl, Jackie, has a dislocated shoulder and a lacerated thigh. The other girl, Helena, has a broken nose and a piece of scalp missing. Oh yes, scalp. They scream at each other for ripping out the other's shoulder and hair, respectively, while two guys emerge shouting encouragement and asking if anyone has let go of the dress yet. A bland, exhausted man in a tie explains that this is a store contest, where the last woman left holding on to this wedding dress wins the wedding of her dreams. Callie tries to order them to get their priorities straight and let go of the dress, but they only glare at each other as Jackie declares, "Yeah. That's not gonna happen." The paramedic is amused, probably because now they aren't her responsibility, and Callie throws up her hands and brings them in together. Meredith and Cristina get the second ambulance, which contains a stable but unconscious man who just fell 12,000 feet with a faulty parachute. Cristina thanks the heavens, since clearly there's no way he doesn't have massive internal injuries.

The unfortunate skydiver is named Rick Jacobs, and to everyone's surprise he's now awake and talking. Cristina's lowered her expectations but is still hoping for thoracic, if not cardio, injuries in the form of a punctured lung. A woman rushes in, frantic to see if Rick is okay. They assume it's his wife but she turns out to be his skydiving instructor. She's having a fairly tough time of it, since apparently she watched the whole accident happen from her own functioning parachute. The doctors force her to sit and get out of their way as Richard comes in, taken aback to find the patient talking. Bailey is sure he's just in shock and can't feel the extent of his injuries, and orders a CT scan.

An ongoing theme of the brides' examinations is people noting that they are bleeding all over the dress, and their screams in response that it's not about that particular dress. Alex can't get through all the layers of petticoat to check out the thigh injury, and the girls aren't even quite sure whose thigh it is that's injured. Because there aren't enough people in the tiny room already, Mark arrives to take care of Helena's broken nose. Callie asks if they could just split the prize, but the beleaguered judge moans that he offered them that option fourteen hours previously. Jackie bitches about not losing out on a $100,000 wedding package. Though we don't know anything about the two girls yet, Jackie clearly wears the Bridezilla crown proudly. George wanders in -- well, to be fair, I'm sure he didn't wander, but he's perpetually got an air about him that he's just ended up wherever he is accidentally -- and gets yelled at for noting the blood on the dress. Callie needs to stabilize Jackie's shoulder, and Alex jumps at the chance to get the supplies. I'm not sure why he's so anxious to be helpful today, and it's never addressed, so I'm curious if it's something that's going to come up later; he's never really had any extra interest in ortho -- or Callie -- before today.

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