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Callie then pulls Mark aside while they wait, so that she can gripe about having to work with George. She had requested that they be kept apart, but as luck would have it, now their patients are refusing to separate from one another. Mark, however, tells her she should look at it as an opportunity. She has no idea what he could mean, so he explains that George is an intern: "It's like, half my job, torturing interns." Mark, did you learn nothing last week about being a slightly nicer person in case you ever need a favor? But then again, I kind of like the idea of torturing George, so it all works out for the best. Callie tells Mark that he's sweet, but it won't help...but when she turns around and sees George obliviously staring at the wall like a lost puppy, she turns back and asks, "Torture him how, exactly?"

A strange-looking, rather bug-eyed patient, Mr. Arnold, comments that his hands are sweaty because he's nervous, and we see that he's Izzie's patient and she's doing an exam. She assures him that it's common and that Hahn has done the procedure that he'll be having tons of times. He's talking too much and too fast due to his nerves, and can't believe that they'll be threading a catheter up his leg and all the way to his heart. Izzie continues to assure him that he's in excellent hands, and assures him that he'll be out cold since that's one of his big worries. I, of course, took this exchange to mean we were going to have yet another horrifying "someone waking up in the middle of their surgery" moment. While I was on the right track, thankfully it wasn't exactly that, and I can sleep at night without the fresh image of one of my biggest fears to keep me awake. The man thinks a moment and blurts, "Ivory-billed woodpecker." It turns out he's a birdwatcher and that's what is getting him through this procedure. It's an extremely rare bird, once thought to be extinct, that lives in a tiny patch of Arkansas and he's going to go look for it once he's healthy. He's still rather twitchy, but talking about the bird has also made him excited and happy. While he's talking about how incredible it will be, Izzie hears a throat-clear at the door, and excuses herself to go talk to Cristina.

Cristina's got a sales pitch all worked out. She excitedly tells Izzie that they have a skydiver in the ER who fell with no parachute. Izzie expresses alarm, but Cristina says the point isn't to feel sorry for him, the point is that he's sure to need lots of surgery and that Cristina will graciously give all of it to Izzie if she can have this one cardio patient. Izzie refuses, and despite Cristina's protest that cardio is her Thing and not Izzie's, Iz points out that she likes Hahn, her patient, and cardio in general. Cristina refutes this: "You are flirting with cardio. I am married to cardio. You will end up marrying general surgery." She goes on that Izzie isn't hardcore enough for cardio, but Izzie's pissed at Cristina's unfortunate analogy. She asks angrily, "So you are telling me to stop flirting with your husband." She says Cristina's not getting any favors by insulting Izzie's personal life, and despite Cristina's perfectly believable objections that she didn't mean it That Way, Iz shuts her down and heads back in to tend to Mr. Arnold.

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