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Rick's slowly being fed into the CT while Richard, Bailey, and Derek take bets on what injuries they'll find and what will be the most important to fix first. Cristina comes in and over-helpfully offers to fetch Dr. Hahn for any cardio issues. Once the image comes up, though, it's a convention of furrowed brows as they all stare and realize they can't find anything wrong. After a moment, the Chief excitedly notes a hematoma, which Meredith realizes is his appendix. After a 12,000-foot freefall, all Rick needs is an appendectomy, to the disbelief of everyone. I'd like to go to Vegas with this guy if he's that lucky. I know a guy whose parachute didn't open in real life, and he's lucky to only be paralyzed from the waist down. Rick, to the roulette wheel!

Alex goes to the supply closet for whatever one needs to stabilize a shoulder, and finds Lexie sitting on the floor, doing paperwork. I love that now that they aren't as convenient to the storyline, all of the interns other than Lexie have disappeared, and that our residents are back to seeing patients by themselves. When Alex points out the obvious about her charting there, she defends herself by saying that it's quiet and nice. Alex answers, "And a closet." She admits that when she's outside, then she's "the other Grey who Cristina likes to humiliate and kick around," but she's not in the closet, so it's her place. Alex calmly tells her every intern class has a runt, and if she keeps acting like this, it will be her. While she's chewing on this, he orders her up to do ortho with him for the day.

Back in Bridal Hell, Jackie is hollering, objecting to something that Callie tells her is the only way. Taking out her vocal cords would be the "only way" to make her bearable, but alas, that's not what they're talking about. Since she needs both her shoulder and her leg treated, Mark explains that she needs a proxy to hold on to the dress while she's gone. I wonder who that could possibly be? The husbands-to-be gripe at each other about who's going to do it until Mark announces that George will. George hopefully asks if it's just for a minute. I think this is one of the reasons I find all of his romantic encounters hard to believe -- he's so flighty 90 percent of the time, I can't imagine he could also be a man that would light someone's loins on fire. Mark says seriously, "No one ever said internship was easy," as Callie licks her lips and looks at her feet to keep from smiling. As the husbands-to-be stare, George angrily snaps off his gloves and, with the tiny shreds of pride he has left, picks up the dress. One of the guys asks, "Dude, your job kinda sucks, huh?" Jackie, now that she's free, decides to care about the pain in her shoulder, and hollers at the doctors to be careful as she moves away. Alex and Lexie arrive, and Alex observes, "Look, Bambi's a bridesmaid." Callie turns to Mark and announces, "You're right, this did cheer me up." It looks like it cheered up the whole room, minus Jackie, who probably wouldn't be cheered unless they were all literally worshipping at her feet.

Bailey gives Rick the good news about his non-injuries; he's clearly in shock, and asks how that's even possible. Really springy shrubbery is my first guess. Bailey just says that the body is amazing, and sometimes things like these just happen, and she seems rather delighted at his good luck. Sally is in the room, still terrified at how close he came to dying, but Rick's near escape is sinking in and he feels like he can face anything now that he's faced death. Mere smiles at him and adds that it changes a person. Well, it changes a person until, for story reasons, it doesn't anymore, and the person spends the next bazillion episodes lamenting how they wished they'd changed more. Rick turns to Sally, clearly with Something Important to tell her, but in true television style she interrupts him to tell him not to worry, that she'll make sure and destroy the video of his fall so he never has to relive it. She runs out of the room to take care of that while he calls after her, crestfallen. But Cristina has started salivating, and tries to keep her cool while she asks after the video.

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