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Surgery. There's a screen showing some veins, which looks suspiciously like the same shot that Derek was looking at when he was working on Norman last week. Hahn is teaching Izzie that a vein should be thought of like pasta -- pliable, but not too fragile. That's actually rather interesting; I didn't actually expect to learn a medical fact from this show. Richard comes in and Hahn immediately bristles, pointedly asking if he needs anything, and she clearly doesn't believe him when he says he's just checking to see how she's settling in. At that moment, she and Izzie see a blockage that they can't work around without opening him up. Extremely conveniently to the story, alarms go off, and from the way his vitals are going crazy, they deduce that he's allergic to the anesthesia. Izzie asks what options he then has for surgery, and the ensuing silence tells her that there's nothing.

After commercial, Mr. Arnold is awake, and stunned at the news he's just gotten. Even Hahn's normally frozen face looks a little bit sad. He narrates about how he'll just be on oxygen, sick and exhausted, until one day he dies. Izzie looks tortured, and Mr. Arnold turns to her and says sadly, "It would have been wonderful, to see that bird. It would have been wonderful." It's pretty pointed, and sounds almost like he blames her. And while I'm the president of the We Hate Izzie fan club, I think it's a little bit unfair. Sure, she told him he'd be fine, but this was kind of an unforeseen thing that had nothing to do with the quality of the surgery he received.

While his girlfriend is going through all that, George is still a pretty pretty princess holding a wedding gown. He wipes his nose and Helena's fiancé excitedly says that he let go, but George stares and angrily tells him, "No." Jackie's fiancé is illustrating why they are a match made in heaven, threatening George if he screws up. "I swear, if you let go and lose this contest after my Jackie almost died to win it..." Mr. Helena points out that a shoulder injury isn't exactly "almost dying." At least Jackie and Mr. Jackie seem to be quite the match for each other in the overly dramatic department. Helena turns to Mark, who's been stitching up her head, and says she's sure he thinks they're stupid, since she'd think the same thing in his shoes. He volunteers that he's never been married so he couldn't say, but that George knows all about it. Helena and Mr. Helena both light up, and when they find out he hasn't been married long, they coo over him being a newlywed. George manages a stilted "thank you."

Jackie is still bitching away as Callie and Alex grab her to pull her shoulder back into place. She's the perfect patient for Callie -- hateable enough that it's probably going to be extra enjoyable for Callie to inflict a lot of pain. Jackie thinks that since she's more seriously injured, she should win by default, and they mercifully cut her short when they pull and she lets out an angry yell. But once she moves, the shoulder pops back out, and Callie announces that she'll need surgery. Surgery isn't in Jackie's dress-wrestling, scalping plans and she protests that they should just wrap up her arm for now, much to Callie's disgust. Inflicting pain isn't as fun when you can't put someone in their place, it seems. And Jackie's miles away from her place. She announces that she can have surgery anytime, but can only win this contest once.

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