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George is still valiantly holding onto the dress when Izzie walks up and asks if he has a second. George looks at her a moment and asks, "Seriously?" Well, it's Izzie -- I wouldn't put it past her to actually expect him to let go and lose just to have a conversation. He just changes hands so that he can turn around for a modicum of privacy, and she tells him she'll have to push their perfect evening back a few hours. He's totally fine with it, and she explains about the awake open-heart surgery. Helena remarks from behind George that it sounds intense, and Izzie heartily agrees. She then tells George that Cristina would be all over the surgery, but all Izzie can think about is Mr. Arnold being scared. "I'm not hardcore. I'm not hardcore enough for this." This from a girl who was just bragging about how she's an ass-kicker raised in a trailer park. If this is an effort to get me to soften my opinion of her, it's going to take a lot more than her caring about one patient. George assures her that she's not hardcore like Cristina, but that she's her own brand of hardcore, and then realizes he might have just sounded really dirty, and didn't mean it. Mr. Future Jackie calls out that he should mean it, with a lecherous smile on his face. George just sends Izzie away, but on her way out she realizes her legs are still hairy and begins to melt. He yells firmly that she should go be hardcore Izzie, which seems to knock her back into control, and she sweetly thanks him and leaves. He turns back to Helena, who happily asks if that's his wife. George looks both happy and bashful as he answers, "I don't know you well enough to have this conversation."

Richard's in his office and Hahn comes in, responding to a page. He's angry at her for planning this awake surgery without consulting him, but before he can really get going, she asks, "Did Burke run every surgery past you?" He tells her that she's new, so she breaks right back in again to tell him she just wants to know the ground rules, and repeats her question about Burke. "And what about Pretty and Prettier? They run all their surgeries past you?" Richard asks if she means Derek and Mark -- wait, does this mean he has other surgeons just as good-looking that we haven't even seen yet? And also, which one is Pretty and which one is Prettier? I guess that's just for everyone to fill in on their own depending on personal taste; there's no wrong answer. Hahn nails Richard to the wall, saying she means all of the male attendings who he also just happened to invite to a Gentlemen's Evening, and quipping that she didn't know the hospital was run like "some old boys' club." He protests, but she continues that it's just like an old law firm taking only the white associates out for a country club weekend. And while I laughed, because her delivery is amazing and I like how she's shaking up the hospital, I also think this is going a bit too far. I think it's just a bunch of guys getting together to moan about women problems, though how this differs from any workday is beyond me. She's left Richard speechless, and leaves with, "Good talk. I gotta prep for my surgery."

Pretty (or Prettier) is in bed with Meredith in the on-call room, spooning with her. She starts to talk about when she was dead, and how before she went in the water everything seemed so complicated, but then he pulled her out and she came back, and for a moment everything was so clear. "As if the water had washed everything clean." She asks if he remembers, and yeah, oddly enough he does. She pauses and says, "Me too." His face goes from showing a glimmer of hope back to dark again, and he kisses her. Mere just stares; I think she's supposed to be pondering all of her Deep Issues, but she just looks vapid and blank.

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