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For a refreshing change of pace, Bailey voice-overs us into this week's theme, sounding not entirely enthusiastic about it. "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth (at least that's what they say). He created the creatures of the air, and the beasts of the field, and He looked at His creation and He saw that it was good. There are lots of really beautiful establishing shots of Washington wilderness, and some absurdly cute bunnies for good measure. Maybe they're there to give us an even greater feeling of calm and happiness so that we can be crushed that much more by later events. "And then God created man, and it's been downhill ever since." Leading the charge are Mark and Derek, who are walking through the woods. Mark tells Derek about how Hahn loves him, and about what a great time they had going out for drinks. Derek smells a rat and after a moment, Mark has to admit that Callie was there too. Derek points out that it wasn't a date so Mark changes the subject to ask where they're going. Derek gets philosophical, like he does, to ask why it's always about the destination and not about the journey. I guess he's just such a pro at letting things linger and never making concrete decisions about life that he really understands appreciating the journey, even when it's just the emotional equivalent of circling the block over and over and over again. It's not about the journey for Mark since he's in $300 shoes, which as we see close-up are slurping through the mud. Okay, I don't consider myself an outdoors kind of person, but who wears $300 shoes on a hike? Well, a pretty boy, I guess.

Mark asks him if Meredith found out about him and Rose, and Derek counters that there's nothing to find out since it was just a kiss. Mark, wise as he is whenever it comes to Derek's romantic stupidity, points out that Derek's not the kind of guy who makes out with nurses in scrub rooms. "Not that that there's anything wrong with that." Derek asks what he thinks, and Mark wisely says he thinks it was more than just a kiss, but Derek's gleefully not listening and asks what he thinks of where they are, since it's the site of his new house. His new house is going to have a really spectacular view off a cliff to homes and the water below, and he grins stupidly back at Mark.

Bailey picks back up with, "The story goes on to say that God created man in His own image, but there's not much proof of that; after all, God made the sun, and the moon, and the stars, and all man makes is trouble." Plans are laid out for a big house, and it's Derek, rolling them out for Meredith in her kitchen. She's ignoring him while she cracks eggs, very proud of herself for making an omelet. Derek wants to know what she thinks of the house, since it's her house too. An egg drops to the floor, and there's a moment for everyone to realize that Derek's moving too fast, Mere's freaking out, and blah blah blah WE'RE OVER IT-cakes. He then asks why she's cooking, and it turns out to be for Lexie. She's trying to be sisterly, to which I say bravo! We finally have some growth!

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