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Alex goes to check on Elizabeth and without even opening her eyes, Mia announces that he's back. Alex tells her that her condition is worsening and she needs to be prepped for surgery, but she shoots back that they aren't done yet. At his exasperated sigh, she asks if he knows why Mia knew he was there with her eyes closed. He guesses that she heard him, but Mrs. A says she felt a kind of dark pull. He makes a crack that he's the angel of death, but she corrects him that he's actually "a very good boy." He's got a good heart, but Mia says his gut and his throat are blocked. He laughs as they talk about his chakra but Mrs. A goes on to explain that he's got a darkness at his second chakra, at his throat, "Because whatever happened to you was so, so ugly, and went on for so long, that you don't talk about it. You were hurt so badly that sometimes you want to hurt other people just to spread it around." Mia watches, not unsympathetically, as this clearly gets to Alex. "You were a good boy, Dr. Karev. A good, sweet boy. But you're not a very good man. What happened to you?" His face is totally dark, and he just tells her that she needs surgery. "I'm not a very good man, but I do tell the truth. And the truth is that if you don't get this surgery fast you're gonna die."

Derek sees Bailey through a window and walks into the dim office where she is sitting at the desk, near tears, walking through each of her actions that morning before she left the house. He watches her sadly as she tries to remember if she locked the gate, and quietly tells her that this isn't helping and orders her to stop. She tells him she has to remember, and that it matters because she's his mother and she needs to know if she did this to him. She won't listen to his rationale that "things just happen" and says it's all decisions, crying and yelling now. He orders her to stop and finally grabs her and hugs her, telling him that she and Tucker are good parents who love their baby and that they didn't do this to their son.

George and Meredith are watching through the window, and Mere tells him about the house, and how that scares her to death. George clearly didn't want Izzie to be the only one who put her foot in her moth, and asks Mere if it's because of "the Rose thing." He says it was just one kiss, which Meredith repeats, and George continues on to say he wasn't eavesdropping, they weren't secretive, it doesn't matter since Meredith and Derek are back together, etc. Meredith asks, "Derek kissed Rose?" and George turns to her and says, "Yeah, but you knew that!" and as she runs off he adds, "I'" Well, yeah you are, buddy, because what about anything you saw convinced you that Meredith knew? Secrets aren't a new phenomenon at Seattle Grace. Nor is kissing someone that isn't your significant other, for that matter.

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