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In surgery, Tuck's stomach is repaired, things look good, and they just need to put in his chest tube. Cristina speaks quietly to him to say that's all good, that he's not as bad as they feared. Hahn hears this and, I guess because she can't handle any emotion at all, chooses that moment to ask Cristina if she wants to finish the procedure. Lexie offers to take over holding Tuck's hand, but after a moment, Cristina tells them she's just fine where she is. This might be new for Lexie and Hahn but really, we all knew she had this in her. She looks down at the little head on the table and strokes him.

Hahn and Richard are out of surgery and tell Bailey and Tucker that it was his stomach rather than his colon that ruptured, and they fixed everything and the surgery was a success. Bailey throws back her head with a sigh of relief, but Hahn cautions that there's fluid in the chest cavity so they don't know if he can breathe on his own. Bailey shoots back defensively, "I know that; you don't think I know that?" Richard jumps in to stop anything before it starts and says he's going to the PICU, and then takes Tucker to his baby. Hahn steps forward once she and Bailey are alone and Bailey quietly tells her, "You're new here, you don't know me. And if what you did today ends up saving my son's life I'll thank you for it. But if I never have to look at you again after that, that'll be all right with me." She walks, and to Hahn's credit, she looks a little bit confused and sad about what just happened.

Bailey and Tucker sit by Tuck's bedside and Tucker mentions that they never baptized him since they kept putting it off because they had no time. Bailey asserts that they'll find time when he's okay, and that the two of them will find time. She reaches for Tucker's hand, but he walks away, and then gazes down at his son. Bailey looks tired and also angry and gets up herself.

Izzie is sitting at a desk outside and Alex comes to check on Tuck. She gives him the update and then says she wishes that there was something she could do. It's a nice, genuine, unselfish moment, and then she adds, "Cristina always knows what to do." Alex demands, "What's your deal with her?" Izzie says there's nothing and then drops her head and announces, "I'm crippled with envy." Alex seems surprised and asks if it's because Cristina's better at cardio. Izzie denies that and says it's not being better, it's that Cristina knows what she wants. She has faith in herself and her future and knows who she is, and Izzie wants that and she tried cardio to get it. Alex points out that Cristina is a robot and Izzie tells him that's not the part she wanted; she wanted the faith part.

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