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Richard looks into Elizabeth's room, where her healers are standing with her, and then turns to Bailey, who is waiting outside the door. Bailey asserts that there are tons of scientific reasons that the two patients earlier got better, and not because of Elizabeth's healing. Richard agrees with her, and Bailey asserts that she has faith, but that faith isn't medicine and can't heal someone. Richard agrees but adds, "But then again, it can't hurt."

Derek finds Meredith so that we can have another scene of fighting between these two. He asks after Tuck, and she updates him and then asks, "Who's Rose?" Derek takes a deep breath, paces, says that she's a nurse and then adds defensively, "I kissed her once. I'm sure you know that. That's why you're asking me." Of course it is, you moron! Meredith asks when and when he admits it was yesterday, she jumps over him to point out that yesterday he was doing that, and today he's building their dream house. He says that yesterday they were dating other people, and she tells him it's not the point. He argues that it is. I can say that I fully see both sides of this argument right now, and also that I am SO SICK of these scenes and that a television show can move forward with its characters actually changing and not just doing the same things and having the same arguments over and over and OVER again for three and a half seasons! I can't recap this again. She tells him he doesn't want her, he wants someone who wants the same things, and he pins it back on her, saying he knew that when he showed her the plans she'd find a reason to freak out. Be that as it may, Derek, you MADE OUT WITH SOMEONE ELSE YESTERDAY. He called her bluff, he can't do the back and forth and the fighting, and asks if they're together. She brings up that she was in love with him, and he didn't mention that he was married, and he rolls his eyes, all, "Oh, so now we're going to have that fight again." She reminds him that he didn't tell her about Addison and now the nurse, and that's why she can't build a house with him -- she can't trust him. He claims she can't trust anybody and no matter what he does, she'll look for reasons to not trust him. Well, again, maybe don't be making out with other women the day before. If I never see this fight between these two people again on my TV screen, it will be too soon. Thankfully, it looks like I'm going to get a break, because they break up. Again.

Richard and Bailey wheel Elizabeth into Tuck's room and help her up to stand by the crib. She tells them to hold hands, and Tucker asks why. "Because the energy in here, it's not healing." She tells them to hold hands, focus all of their love on Tuck, and forgive each other just for a few minutes. Tucker grabs her hand and Elizabeth reaches in and puts her hands on the baby while literally everyone else watches from the hallway. Derek takes a moment to glance at Meredith, who doesn't glance back, and he sighs.

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