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Alex knocks on Izzie's door to try and get her up, but she whines about not wanting to get out of bed. Once she sticks her head out from under the covers, she makes a face and wonders what she's smelling; when Alex tells her that someone's cooking, she declares, "That's not cooking." Alex tells her she'll be late, but Izzie just declares she hates, work, Cristina, and Hahn.

Lexie sits up from where she spent the night on the sofa and also notices the smell. George, still sleeping on the floor, grabs his face and mentions that it smells like sulfur. I know this is sort of a classic TV gag, but I have to believe that Meredith, not being a cook but being someone who, oh, eats food, would have noticed that what she was cooking smelled bad and would then scrap it. She calls out, "breakfast!" to the two orphans and Lexie gets up to go in. George desperately claws at her leg so that she won't go, but she points out that Meredith was being nice so she's going.

Lexie runs into Alex in the hall and blandly asks him where his girlfriend is. He tells her she's probably back with her husband, and that he has no girlfriend. "Or a conscience, apparently," Lexie adds, but he just replies, "Yeah, but you knew that going in!" He's not wrong.

In the kitchen, Derek's telling Meredith that even if they don't build right now they have to plan right now, but are interrupted. Alex asks what's on Derek's plate, and he declares not-entirely-brightly, "Meredith cooked." He adds that she cooked for Lexie, who's really touched but Meredith tries to brush it off, saying it's just eggs, avocado, and some cheese she found in the fridge. Lexie tries to look happy as she announces, "I love...avocado!" She then digs in and clearly wants to gag, but assures Meredith that it's great. She then turns to Derek and shakes her head surreptitiously, and he puts down the bite he was just about to take.

In a less happy but potentially less food-poisoned house, Bailey is getting ready to leave and giving Tucker instructions about calling the building manager, noting that she left his number on her desk. She finally stops talking and looks up to see her husband doing his best prissy bitch-face, pursing his lips and pointedly ignoring her. She gets ready to go and as she grabs her keys, then he says her name and she calls him on wanting to talk now that she's about to leave. He says she's always on her way out and then asks, "Look, are you interested in being a part of this family or not?" The baby starts to cry, natch, and she just says she can't do this now and leaves, to which Tucker angrily throws down a piece of laundry. That gesture would have made more impact if the laundry had made more of a noise than a pathetic whisper when it hit the table.

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