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And now for the most awkward meeting of the day: Callie walks through the waiting room and runs into her former mother-in-law. Mrs. O'Malley greets her happily and talks about how she's been calling and getting no calls back, she knows they're busy, etc. etc. and Callie can't get a word in edgewise. Her growing confusion is evident, however. But before she can say anything, Mrs. O tells her she just couldn't wait to show them what she's been working on, and she holds up a tiny knitted yellow cardigan, just perfect for the marriage-fixing baby that fortunately they never conceived.

Lexie runs in, looking flushed, and asks Bailey for some epinephrine while she scratches her stomach. Bailey's phone rings and she answers by telling her husband it's not a good time while Lexie leans in and again whispers, "epinephrine?" Bailey sends her off and argues with her husband a bit until a code blue is called, and she hangs up on him as she runs off...

...And into a patient's room where a woman in a bathrobe is standing next to the bed. Bailey tells her to step away, but she says she needs a moment. Cristina comes by and recognizes her as Elizabeth Archer, her would-be cardiac patient, and tries to pull her away. The patient having the code blue looks panicked, but just then, as Elizabeth holds her hands over his chest, the beeping slows down and he stops coding. Bailey stutters a bit, baffled, as we go to the title card to the sound of slow, steady beeping.

Bailey's gotten Elizabeth (played by the always-awesome Glenne Headly, or Janet the Jackal, if you will) back into bed and is questioning her, fascinated by what she does. She has faith, and she's a healer, but she's not a faith healer. Hahn is sternly telling how she's less interested in the healing than her staying in bed, but Bailey interrupts to find out what she did on the other patient. Hahn suggests it was his meds, but Elizabeth asks if those meds usually take two hours to work. Hahn insists that she needs to get into surgery immediately, but Elizabeth says she's not going to do it immediately. She wants to have a shot at healing herself, which involves visualizing the surgery in as much detail as possible, and if that doesn't work, then she'll go under the knife. She feels surgery is horrible and barbaric and wants to exhaust the other possibilities first. Hahn, using all her self control, says Alex can walk her through it, but on the way out snarks, "Call me when she codes." I get that this is kind of out there, but good grief I am sick of Hahn being a totally one-note character.

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