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George comes upon Lexie, pawing through a cart, and asks what she's looking for. Desperately, she tells him it's epinephrine, and turns around to show her face covered in hives; George jumps back into the wall, horrified. Dude, hives -- not bleeding ulcers. It turns out that Lexie is allergic to eggs, but being that she's the adult child of an alcoholic with boundary issues, she couldn't not eat them when Meredith cooked them. I'm still a wee bit shaky on this logic -- I think, "Meredith was finally nice to me and I couldn't ruin it," would have been more straightforward, but okay. George shoots her up and she thanks him for that and for letting her crash on the couch. But George doesn't have time to respond, since Callie comes up behind him, accusing him of not telling his mom that they broke up. Callie hands him a pile of knitted baby clothes (green and yellow so they aren't gender-specific) and rants that his mom is making them clothes since she thinks they're still together and trying to get pregnant, "because she thinks you're still the kind of person who would never cheat on his wife." She throws the clothes at him and tells him Mama O'Malley is waiting in the lobby, while Lexie looks on quietly.

Derek finally gets some teeny little balls and tells Meredith directly that she didn't say what she thought about the house. She has a house. He knows, but this is their house. I think the writers could handle this dialogue in their sleep by now. She asks if between yesterday and today he had plans drawn up. Yesterday, really? Because if that's the case, yesterday Alex was suspended for a week. Seriously, it would have been really simple and made virtually no difference to the story to actually have some tiny semblance of continuity and set this episode a week ahead, or to have Alex not be at work that day. Anyhoodle, he had the plans drawn up weeks ago, but between yesterday and today he decided to show them to her. She asks why, and he lets out a monumental sigh and says that things haven't really changed, have they? Well, McIdiot, you took her not wanting you to date other people to mean she's ready to start planning the rest of your lives together, because... you've never even met her before? I am so sick of this. She takes it better than I do and gently tells him things have changed but this is a lot and it's fast, and they have tons of steps between not seeing others and building a house, and they'll be great and take those steps together, but slow the fuck down, you moron. Okay, that last bit was mine.

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