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Richard finds Bailey on the stairs and asks about the patient who's been wandering the halls and laying hands on people. Bailey corrects that she's back in bed and it was just the one patient. She's clearly rather intrigued by what Elizabeth can do, but Richard isn't so hot on it. He doesn't want patients thinking there's a miracle worker around, both because it can incite panic and hysteria, but also because it's bad for business. He tells her to make sure Elizabeth keeps her hands to herself. The whole time, Bailey's phone has been ringing but she won't answer until he leaves, and then she misses the call.

Already Bailey hasn't kept a close enough eye on Elizabeth, since Sloane is wheeling her back to her room. Hahn thinks he did something but it turns out that she'd gone to see one of Sloane's patients who had a staph infection, and he found her and is bringing her back to her room. Hahn tells him, "Don't worry your pretty little head about it," and gets another pretty head, Alex, to come get Elizabeth. Mark asks if she's noticed that even when she's insulting him, she calls him pretty, but she insists it wasn't a compliment. He asks if it's a gender reversal thing, "Where you're the big man on campus and I'm the hot blonde whose ponytail you can't stop pulling?" Alex, Hahn, and even Elizabeth have a sort of, "what?" look on their faces, and Hahn asks why Mark doesn't get that she just doesn't like him. "That I think you are a crass, predatory ape of a man who just happens to be a decent surgeon." Mark turns to Mrs. A and tells her to heal Hahn, but Mrs. A just asks, "This is really toxic in here. Could somebody please take me back to my room? Because my healing team should be arriving soon." Right now, that's a pretty good statement on the show, and I do wish I had a healing team to make my head stop hurting with how stupid most of these characters are acting.

Izzie sees Mrs. O'Malley in the waiting room and they have a happy reunion, and Mrs. O explains that Callie said she'd find George. And so, as she does so well, Izzie totally blows the whole thing in her usual tactless manner. She's scared that Mrs. O talked to Callie, and Mrs. O says it must be so hard for Callie, and what follows is a classic scene in which they're both talking about different things -- Mrs. O about the trying for a kid, and Izzie about her having sex with her son. She claims that it only happened once, and they were drunk, and she's so happy Mrs. O doesn't blame anyone. Seriously, Izzie, even if you got so far as to admit you and George had an affair, do you really need to go into the drunk sex of it all with his mom? I'll answer that. You don't. She goes on to say how upset they both were that it happened, and that's probably why he failed the intern test, never noticing how quickly Mrs. O'Malley's face is falling. When she shakily asks, "He failed?" Izzie finally gets a clue and realizes she just once again caused a huge problem with her giant mouth. George shows up behind his mom, who can't speak, and Izzie begs that she's sorry and bolts.

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