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Bailey's phone rings again and this time she answers to say she has no time to talk and is being paged to the ER. But in a parent's worst nightmare, it turns out he paged her to the ER since their son has just been brought in. She stands, dumbstruck, as her crying baby is wheeled by and her husband says, "There was an accident."

The whole staff is gathered around, and Derek determines that there's no neurological damage. Bailey tries to listen to his chest while the others all request tests, and Richard goes over to Tucker to clarify that Tuck was found under a bookshelf. He guesses that Tuck tried to climb the unit filled with Bailey's medical books, and that he heard crying and ran in to find him pinned underneath. Bailey calls out to him to stop talking since he's trying to hear, and Richard comes to take over. She won't let him but he pulls her away. Bailey pointedly tells her husband that this is why they have a baby gate, but he says that it was open. She then accuses him of leaving it open, and he replies that he didn't do it. Richard tells them that accidents happen but they begin to have a horrible argument over the baby's screaming basically accusing each other of causing this. It looks like he's got a ton of injuries, but when Tucker asks what that means, Bailey tells him there's no time for questions. Is this in character? I don't think so, it's just within this new, Marital-Problems-Miranda ™ that's been introduced this season, and I don't like it.

George is talking with his mom, who is weepy, panicked, and disappointed in him. She demands to know if he's going to marry Izzie now, but George tells her this isn't about Izzie. Crying, she demands to know what it is about. Debra Monk is playing the shit out of this part. George tells her that he never should have gotten married in the first place, but she retorts that he did get married. And though he didn't invite her or even tell her, she accepted it because he was happy. She reminds him that they are Catholic and don't believe in divorce (or adultery) and demands that he call their priest and confess and go to counseling. George begins to tell her it's too late but she interrupts and desperately tells him that it's not, he made a vow to God and to Callie and now has to make it work. He gets a page and leaves, and when she demands that he stay and talk, George calmly tells her that it's Bailey and he has to go.

George runs into the hall where the rest of the gang are waiting, and they explain to him what happened and that Tuck has multiple rib fractures, potentially a collapsed lung, and they're worried about heart damage. Richard comes out and gives them all instructions, finally telling Meredith to keep an eye on Bailey since she's so upset and he doesn't want it hampering the care for Tuck. Bailey walks in and shoots that she doesn't need a babysitter, to which he agrees and then turns back to Meredith and sends her along after Bailey.

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