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Alex goes back to Elizabeth's room and she introduces him to the two woman who have hands on her and their eyes closed -- Dawn and Mai, her healers. Mai declares that he's a skeptic who shouldn't be there. Alex tells them that Hahn's been called to emergency surgery but that he'll talk them through the procedure. When Mrs. A asks if she'll be long, he answers, "Well, I'm hoping she's done before your heart blows but I can't make any promises." Mai turns and glares at him and mumbles that she said he shouldn't be there. Mrs. A tells him she needs someone who knows what they're doing to talk her through the surgery (because it seems she can pick up on the fact that Alex doesn't) and he replies by looking at the women now holding her feet and declaring that all this is crap and that she's just scared. Mrs. A replies that of course she's scared, but she finds surgery barbaric with all the tearing through flesh and the blood. She works with light and energy, "And if there's even the slightest chance that what I do works, isn't that preferable?" He tells her he doesn't believe in that, and she replies that she's not asking him to believe, she's asking him to help her do it.

The girls are in watching Bailey get Tuck ready for an MRI and Mere comments on how horrible this must be. Christina replies that this is why people shouldn't have kids, and Izzie demands to know what's wrong with her and says this is Bailey's baby. Cristina turns and tells her that no, this is a trauma case, and that's how they need to look at it if they're going to save his life. Izzie says that she and Hahn are exactly alike and deserve each other, which Cristina thanks her for -- Izzie still doesn't get that to Cristina it's a compliment. Mere thought Iz loved cardio, but Cristina jumps in to say now she's pretending not to because she couldn't take the pressure. Izzie remarks, very holier-than-thou, that she's right and that C wins the contest to be the best robot. See, it's less effective when you've spent weeks trying to actually be Cristina, Izzie. They stand up and watch as the scan begins.

Inside, Bailey and Tucker, wearing lead aprons, stand by the baby and Bailey asks him to again explain what happened. He snipes at her a bit and then says someone left the baby gate open, so she snipes back about him accusing her. He claims that she was in such a hurry to leave the house and get away from him, to which she breaks in that this has nothing to do with him, which seems to be the last straw. He blows up that she's the only one who goes in that room, so Tuck went in there looking for her, which put him in the hospital. After a moment, Bailey says, "Sure made a bad choice, huh, Tucker. You picked a bad wife, she made a bad mother, she made you stay home and raise your son and she almost killed him. Poor you, huh." He just crosses his arms and sulks. Neither wins any likable points just right now.

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