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Rose runs up to Derek and asks how Bailey's son is, and he tells her that they're waiting while not looking up from his charts. She stares a moment and asks him if he remembers when she was cool about letting him off the hook for making out with her. And just then, George walks in, hears that, and turns back around to lurk in the doorway. Finally, a little reality that when people talk about their secrets at work, other people are bound to hear! She tells him she's angry because he won't even look at her. He finally looks up and unconvincingly says he's sorry, so she goes on for George's and the viewing audience's sake to recap that it was one really great kiss, but are they going to let that get in the way of a really great professional relationship? She at least jumps in with what I was yelling at the screen at that moment to add that it was great even though he didn't know her name until two weeks ago. They do the "friends" handshake.

Meredith comes in looking for Tuck's films and finds the others all staring at them, but everything is basically in the wrong place. His stomach is in his chest, so you can't even see his heart. While they talk, Bailey walks in and gives some more grim possible diagnoses. Basically, there's layer upon layer of things wrong and it looks really grim. They all watch Bailey sadly until she yells at them to run off and page Hahn and the Chief and to book an OR, and she's left sadly to stand and think for a moment, surrounded by pictures of her son's mangled innards.

Fade up, and Meredith is updating Bailey on the surgery, but when she doesn't know one specific about how she was going to do a repair, Bailey runs into the OR. Hahn can't believe it, but Bailey insists she needs to be there. She's met a formidable opponent in Hahn, however, who won't proceed until she's gone. There's a few tense moments as Bailey begs to hold his hand, but Cristina finally offers to hold Tuck's hand for her for the duration of the surgery. The robot has a heart! And finally, Meredith is able to lead Bailey out of the OR.

Mrs. O'Malley is still in the waiting room, and Callie finds her. She explains that Bailey was so good to her when Mr. O was there and that she can't leave knowing her son is in trouble. "Knowing both of our sons are in trouble." Callie sits down and begins to speak, but Mrs. O interrupts her to say she knows that they think she's old fashioned, but even that doesn't matter, and that what matters is what God thinks. Callie replies, "If it's any consolation, George and I got married on the Vegas strip. At a 24-hour church of Elvis. I'm not sure God was even there." But Mrs. O doesn't share her laughs at the memories, and tells her that He's everywhere. Callie says she used to believe in all that, and Mrs. O asks if she doesn't anymore. Callie tells her sadly that she believes in love and second chances, and talks fondly of being able to be an O'Malley for a little while. Mrs. O takes her hand and finally smiles.

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