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Let It Be
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We open with a shot of a ferry heading towards Seattle. Meredith voice-overs that, in the eighth grade, her English class had to read Romeo and Juliet. "For extra credit, Mrs. Snyder made us act out all the parts. Sal Scafarillo was Romeo. As fate would have it, I was Juliet." We close in on the boat, and see McDreamy looking over the upper deck. Down on the lower deck, as fate would have it, stands Addison, performing a solo rendition of the "King of the World" scene from Titanic. She turns, catches sight of her husband, and waves sweetly. McDreamy, clearly not a fan of Kate Winslet, grimaces and turns away. Burn! MereVO continues to say that all the other girls were jealous, but she told Mrs. Snyder that Juliet was an idiot. Cut to Meredith herself. She's sitting in her car in the hospital parking lot, trying to figure out a way to cover the pimple on her forehead with her bangs. It's not working. Just then, Addison pulls into the space right next to her. MereVO: "For one thing, she falls for the one guy she knows she can't have." Addison gets out of her beautiful car, tosses her beautiful red hair, and stands there beautifully staring at poor, zitty Meredith. Mere finally looks over, and makes a face all, "Oh, hello, Dr. McPerfect. This is not embarrassing at all."

Inside the hospital, Alex and Izzie are having the coolest state-of-the-relationship talk ever. Izzie says there's a discussion they need to have. Alex: "I kissed you. With tongue. And I plan to do it again. End of discussion." Izzie, delightedly: "Okay!" The end! Now that's how it should always be done. With tongue.

Back in the parking lot, Mere has decided that, rather than covering her blemish with makeup or hair, a better idea would be to draw as much attention to her forehead as possible, and is slapping a Hello Kitty band-aid on it. She VOs that her eighth-grade English teacher explained that sometimes choice goes out the window when fate comes into play. She fixes her hair and sighs at herself.

Webber is following Bailey around, asking her if she's made a fellowship decision yet. "Five applications; five offers!" He tells her it must be her year, as everyone wants her, but of course Seattle Grace's fellowship is the best. Bailey just keeps on with her paperwork, all, "Uh huh." I love how Bailey doesn't even give a shit that she's blowing off the Chief of Surgery, as if he's not her boss or anything. "What? Oh, YOU AGAIN." Webber is not giving up until he has an answer, though, so he asks her again. Bailey, not even glancing up from the file she's holding, says she hasn't made a decision yet, and bolts. Webber stands around looking kind of confused.

Mere gets into a crowded elevator with her ponytail and band-aid, and VOs that even she knew in eighth grade that life, like love, is about making choices. McDreamy is standing in the back of the elevator. She doesn't see him, but I don't know how she doesn't feel the hole he's burning into her back. A couple behind Meredith are bickering about food poisoning, and the girl asks where "Billing" is. Mere and McDreamy answer in unison: "The basement." Mere turns to look sadly at McDreamy before VOing that fate has nothing to do with it.

Outside in the actual city, Cristina presents a cup of coffee to Burke, who thanks her and reminds her of their first official date that night. Cristina is like, "Yeah, it's a night...of dates." Hee. Burke can't believe she forgot, and asks if she wants to cancel. Cristina gets this little sly smile, and says no. Burke is happy, and they walk off together.

George is standing on the sidewalk holding a bagel, and notices the happy couple. He makes a face, then yet another when a pigeon poops right on his delicious bagel. MereVO: "Everyone thinks it's so romantic: Romeo and Juliet, true sad." George drops his bagel in disgust, the pigeon starts nibbling on it, and Mere starts up again: "If Juliet was stupid enough to fall for the enemy, drink a bottle of poison, and go to sleep in a mausoleum..." George steps away from his bagel, and a body falls from the sky -- right onto the pigeon, bagel, and spot where George had just stood! MereVO wraps it up: "...then she deserved everything she got." Ha! And, credits.

We don't even get commercials after the credits, and come back to George hyperventilating that the dude who fell five stories has equal breath sounds, and he can't believe it. He asks Bailey to come over and see for herself. Bailey: "Somehow I believe you. Get in there and palpate his abdomen, Yang." If I didn't know any better, I'd think that might be Bailey's idea of sweet-talk. George is still amazed that the guy fell five stories and only injured his leg. Cristina tells him to can it. George continues to yammer on. They roll the guy over on his side, and -- EW -- he has little bits of pigeon all stuck in his back. George gets a little farklempt: "My life was saved by that pigeon." Bailey orders them to get some X-rays and then maybe look for the rest of "Tweety." Aw.

Meredith is with an elderly couple. The husband tells her that "Esme" wanted to wait until tomorrow to see her doctor, but she couldn't keep anything down, so he brought her in. Meredith tells Esme that she has acute polycystitis, which means that her gall bladder may have to come out; does Esme have any questions? Esme does: she wants to know what happened to Meredith's forehead. See, Mere? You should have just invested in some concealer. Meredith tells Esme it's nothing.

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