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Previously, on Grey's Anatomy, Callie broke up with George and his fun, fun video games, Meredith broke up with Finn and chose McDreamy, Bailey got raked over the coals at the M&M, and Cristina was secretly helping Burke cover up his shakes.

We open on disgusting surgery footage. Cristina is assisting Burke, and there's blood everywhere. Meredith's VO tells us that being a surgeon requires major commitment. Burke gets a hand cramp and Cristina dives right in, grabbing the small saw he was about to use to cut the patient up. Mere VO: "We have to be willing to pick up that scalpel and make a cut that may, or may not, do more damage than good. It's all about being committed. Because if we're not, we have no business picking up that scalpel in the first place."

The surgery is finished, and Cristina is overseeing a nurse who's filling in slots on the surgery board. Cristina has clearly taken complete control over Burke's surgical schedule, giving instructions on which O.R. he should be in, who should be on the scrub team, and what time he can operate. A resident walks up to her and hands her a latte. She takes it, but recognizes that it's a bribe and tells the guy he can't scrub in on Burke's surgery. She rebuffs another resident who makes the same request and tells them to shut up and go away. And then she goes back to nagging the nurse. We do learn that she wants Burke in an O.R. that doesn't have a gallery. The nurse makes a comment about how particular Burke has gotten since he returned to work, and Cristina threatens to rat the nurse out. So the theme of this episode is clearly people not noticing the enormous problem that's staring them right in the face, because there's no way anyone would think Cristina's behavior was remotely normal.

To prove my point, we see that Alex, Mere, and George are spying on Cristina. George and Alex are clearly unhappy that Cristina is running Burke's board, but Meredith thinks that she's just helping him out. Alex thinks that Cristina is taking advantage of the situation, since she's been able to get out of rounds and has scrubbed in on every procedure Burke performs. Meredith continues to defend Cristina until everyone sees Cristina snatch the marker away from the nurse and start writing on the board herself. George: "She's writing on the O.R. board!" Alex: "Maybe I should sleep with Burke." Get in line, buddy.

In the locker room, Meredith, Alex, and George sit (or stand) at one end of a bench while Cristina sits at the other. Meredith notes that Cristina's been busy and then complains that even though it's been a week since she told McDreamy she broke up with Finn, he still hasn't called her. Cristina doesn't really respond, and Meredith asks if she'd like to get a drink and catch up. Cristina blows her off, explaining that she has way too much studying to do to get ready for Burke's surgeries the next day. And then she leaves, still dressed in her scrubs. George walks out, and Alex gives Meredith a look. But Meredith is still defending Cristina, telling Alex, "She's busy."

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