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Mrs. Pruitt throws back the curtain around her husband's bed and starts yelling at a nurse about the fact that they're late with her husband's medications. Cristina runs into the room to intercede and is pretty short in asking the nurse to go to the pharmacy to check on the meds. Mrs. Pruitt apologizes for losing her temper, and Cristina tells her, "You are just looking out for your husband. You do exactly what it takes to protect him, and that does not make you horrible. It makes you smart." You keep telling yourself that, Cristina. Whatever it takes to get you through the day.

Cut to Cristina walking down a corridor. She gets to the surgical board and decisively walks up to it and erases Bailey's name from the Humpty Dumpty surgery. Commercials.

In Noel's room she's bent over her bed breathing very hard. George is there, and when Addison enters he gives her the update on Noel's condition. Apparently, one of the babies is either trying to get out or is in some kind of distress. Noel is freaking out that Greg is not there. She insists that she can't have the baby without Greg there and then she has some horrible cramping. Addison and George get her into bed and try to calm her down.

Joe's bar. Derek and Nancy are eating lunch. She asks Derek to tell her about "the slutty girl," and at his angry look changes it to "slutty intern." He tells her that it's the "slutty" part he doesn't like. Although he clearly didn't object to it in the beginning. Derek tells Nancy that Meredith is none of her business. She keeps pressing, and he keeps shutting her down. Nancy: "Wow. I've never seen you like this over a girl. Even Addison." He tells her that he's never been like this over a girl, "especially Addison." Nancy thinks Derek is just being bitter, since all Addison did was sleep with Mark. Nancy: "I mean, who hasn't gone there once or twice, right?" He asks her what she's talking about, and she responds, "Come on, everybody sleeps with Mark. It's practically a rite of passage." Wow. That sounds a lot more fun than a bar mitzvah. Although I bet the presents aren't as nice. Derek draws himself up in the most offended and self-righteous pose and acts as though he can barely look at his sister. Nancy says that Addison just made a mistake and Derek tells her that Addison was with Mark for months. That's news to Nancy. Derek tells her to shut up and eat her lunch, and she actually seems inclined to do just that.

Cristina sits on the stairs, guarding the surgical board and continuing to study for the Humpty Dumpty. Meredith sits down next to her and tries to start a conversation about Nancy. When Cristina doesn't respond, Meredith asks her if she's mad about something. Cristina: "Everything is not about you, Meredith." Meredith clearly cannot comprehend that notion, and she asks what Cristina's problem is. Cristina: "I have bigger things in my life right now." And with that, she walks away. And then Bailey walks by and sees that her name has been erased from the board. She looks like she was just punched in the gut.

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