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Burke and Cristina are about to start the Humpty Dumpty. She gives him a cryptic look and he says, "What?" But she says it's nothing, and he asks for a ten blade.

George walks out of Noel's room to look for...something, and he finds Greg. Greg wants to know how Noel is, and George yells at him for letting Noel think that he left her. But Greg is feeling pretty confused and is clearly not sure that he hasn't left Noel. George yells at him some more and then tells him that Addison is about to perform an emergency C-section to deliver one of the babies and, with luck, stop delivery of the other (which is six weeks younger and not really ready). Greg asks whether she's delivering the boy (the one that is his) or the girl (the one that is not). George looks at him and yells, "Greg! Ham or eggs!" George leaves, and Greg goes back to his fuming over what to do.

Alex is at a nurses' station doing research on the whole two-uterus thing on a laptop. Mark walks up behind him and accuses him of not being committed to a career in plastics based on the fact that he was unwilling to spend his time on hold with the DMV for Mark. So does Mark have any redeeming qualities? I mean, other than the body? Alex doesn't think that being on hold with the DMV has anything to do with plastics, but Mark tells him it does because it makes Mark happy and he has the power to make or break a career in plastics. I don't care how hot he is, his personality is way too fucking ugly for me to be attracted to him. Alex picks up Mark's cell phone and redials the DMV. And then a nurse delivers a very stilted line to Hot Male Nurse about Addison needing two units of blood for Noel's C-section. Alex hangs up the phone and briskly walks towards the O.R.

Meredith is dressing Barbri's hand and telling her that the biosynthetic dressing will make it unnecessary for her to have skin grafts. Barbri wonders how long it would add to her recovery if she did need skin grafts. Meredith tries to catch Izzie's eye, but she seems to be very carefully looking off in the middle distance. Meredith tries to answer Barbri's question, and Barbri quickly gets to asking if she would need a more severe burn in order to be put out of commission for a while. Meredith, finally realizing something is wrong, tries to get Barbri to tell the story of how she burned herself. Barbri gets nervous and tells them that she has to go home to study for the burn. I mean, "bar." Meredith is panicking, and Izzie calmly asks Barbri, "Did you burn yourself?" Meredith tries to shut her up, reminding her of Bailey's rules, but Izzie ignores her, telling Barbri, "It's okay if you did." Hey, what do you know -- Barbri did burn herself. She's failed the bar exam five times, and she can't bear the thought of failing again and disappointing her entire family. Commercials.

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