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Izzie, Meredith, and Barbri are in the elevator, which is slowly ascending. Barbri asks exactly where they are going, and Meredith tells her they need to go "upstairs." That's not really an answer. The elevator doors open, and the three of them head down a hallway that is painted in calming, soothing colors. Barbri freaks out a bit and asks them where they are. Mere tells her it's the psychiatric floor; they're going to place her on a 72-hour hold. Meredith and Izzie have made the mistake of walking ahead of Barbri, giving her a chance to run back to the elevator. They join her there before the doors have a chance to close, and she begs them to let her go home. Izzie tells her that they think she'll just hurt herself again so she doesn't have to take the bar exam. Izzie gives a lovely speech about how Barbri needs help, we all need help, and Izzie is happy to have the help she needs right at that moment. Izzie reaches out her hand. Barbri tells her, "I'm not crazy." Izzie: "I know." Barbri: "Just...didn't want to fail." Izzie: "I know." And with that, Barbri takes Izzie's hand and lets her lead her off to Cloud Cuckoo-Land.

In Noel's room, Addison examines her still-pregnant abdomen while George writes on the chart. Noel wakes up and asks what happened: "Are my babies okay?" Addison explains that the surgery went well, the baby boy was delivered safely, and the baby girl is still in its own little uterus. Noel asks if Greg has come back yet, and Addison is sorry to tell her that he hasn't. Noel closes her eyes and drifts off. Addison tells George to give her an update every half-hour. As Addison is preparing to leave, Noel wakes up again and asks, "What happened? My babies...?" Addison gives her the same speech about everything that went down, and Noel once again asks if Greg has returned. The answer hasn't changed. Noel drifts off again, and Addison continues giving instructions to George. And then Noel wakes up again: "What happened?" Man, I thought Day Break wasn't premiering for a couple more weeks. Addison gives Noel the same update on her condition. With tears in her eyes, Noel asks if Greg has returned. This time, the answer is different -- he walks in the door and tells her that he's right there. He sits by her bed. As Noel cries, he tells her, "I saw our son. He's amazing. But how's our little girl?" He puts his hand on her abdomen, and her hand joins his. George watches them, clearly moved. Is he wearing mascara? Or are his eyes just that pretty?

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