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Cristina is in the empty locker room, looking utterly bereft of happiness as she stares off into space. Meredith walks around the corner and is standing behind Cristina. Meredith: "I'm here for you, whatever it is. Whenever you're ready, I'm here." You know, Meredith is often wrapped up in her own little world, but she is also a very good friend. I really like that about her. Cristina thanks her, but clearly isn't ready to talk yet. Meredith leaves. Mere VO: "We may surprise ourselves by the commitments we're willing to make."

Cut to Cristina writing on the surgical board. Mere VO: "True commitment takes effort. And sacrifice." The camera pulls back, and we see Burke watching Cristina write on the board. They catch each other's eyes, and there is nothing but recriminations in that look. Y'all, this secret is a tumor in the heart of their relationship. Somebody's going to have to perform a Humpty Dumpty before too long, and once that heart is taken apart I have no idea if anyone will be able to put the pieces back together. Burke walks away, and Cristina goes back to writing on the board. And then Bailey carries some files to the nurse's station. She glances over at the board, and then looks again when she realizes that Cristina is writing on it. Mere VO: "Which is why, sometimes, we have to learn the hard way to choose our commitments very carefully." There's a slowly dawning look of realization on Bailey's face. Credits.

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