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And we cut to two people shaking hands. It's Burke being greeted by the wife of a patient, Pruitt Byrd. Cristina gives the bullet on the patient, who has a tumor in his heart. Mrs. Byrd is clearly one of those patients (or patient spouses) who have become informed about their condition, and he tells Burke that they were told that Pruitt needed a "cardiac auto-transplantation." Cristina tells us that the real name for this is the "Humpty Dumpty" procedure -- they take out the patient's heart, remove the tumor from inside the heart, and then replace the heart in the patient. (In other words, transplanting his own heart back into his body.) Burke tries to explain to Mrs. Byrd that it's a very complicated surgery and it will take time to tell if Mr. Byrd is ready for it, but every time he tries to put up a roadblock, Cristina tears it right down. She's already done all the testing and she's decided Mr. Byrd is a perfect candidate. Which is why she's scheduled him for surgery that afternoon. Wow. That's kind of presumptuous.

In his office, the Chief tells Bailey that the legal department cleared Izzie to return to work. He wants Bailey to remind Izzie of the rules of her probation, and Bailey seems surprised that Izzie is being assigned to her. The Chief thinks it's only natural, since Izzie is Bailey's intern, but Bailey (with a touch of panic in her voice) suggests that it would be better for Izzie to start fresh with a different resident. The Chief asks if Bailey is saying that she doesn't want Izzie. Bailey: "I want her to succeed." The Chief takes off his glasses and tells Bailey that after everything that happened with Denny, there are doctors in the hospital who have concerns over Bailey's judgment. Bailey is thrown for a loop and asks if the Chief shares those concerns. He doesn't answer, instead asking her if she has those concerns. He tells her that the best way to put those concerns to rest is to climb back onto Izzie and ride. I mean, get back on the horse and ride. By which he means, demonstrating that she can take responsibility for Izzie and make her a good doctor.

At the ambulance bay, Addison walks out to an ambulance to greet a new patient. George gives her the bullet: the woman is pregnant with twins, one of which seems to be developing faster than the other. The patient is Noel, and her fiancé is Greg. He keeps reminding everyone that they are soon to be married, and she tells him that she really doesn't think people at the hospital are such prudes that they care that they are not yet hitched. That's certainly true at this hospital. As the gurney is wheeled into the hospital, Addison tells them that she doesn't quite see why Noel was transferred from Mercy Hospital to Seattle Grace, since there doesn't seem to be any kind of emergency. Noel tells them it has something to do with her "thing." Well, yes, the babies will come out of your thing, but I don't see why that's relevant. But then George, who has been reading the chart, shouts out, "Two uteruses?" George: "[Noel] was born with two uteruses. Uteri?" I would suggest uteria. But Addison tells him to go with "uteruses." George leans into Noel and tells her, "That's very rare."

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