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In Noel's room, Greg is delivering sports commentary to Noel's belly. Alex watches from the door, and Noel tells him that Greg has decided that one of the babies is a sports fan. Greg tells Alex that the sports commentary calms the baby down when she kicks, and Alex notes that he's read a couple of articles on how a fetus can respond to voices. Addison enters the room and accuses Alex of secretly missing OB/GYN work. He denies it and pushes past George to leave the room. Addison tells Noel and Greg that they've got great news: according to their tests, the babies are perfectly healthy. However, they were conceived approximately six weeks apart, which is why one of them is so much bigger than the other. (The son is the older one.) This news is quite a surprise to Greg, who recalls that six weeks after Noel got pregnant the two of them were in the middle of a short separation, so there's no way she could have gotten pregnant again then. Unless, of course, she had sex with another man. Greg is angry, and Noel is muttering her apologies, claiming that it was a one-night thing while they were on a break. He walks away. George comes to the rescue of all the stupid people in the audience and points out that Greg is not the father of both babies. Commercials.

Addison walks up to Bailey and tells her, "I just accidentally broke the news of my patient's infidelity to her fiancé." Hmmm, it's kind of like that time you broke the news to Derek's girlfriend of his infidelity to his wife. Bailey notes that even though Addison just royally fucked up, nobody is doubting her competence. Addison agrees, and then does a doubletake and asks what Bailey is talking about. But the Chief interrupts any explanation, walking up to them and complaining about how he just lost a button on his last clean shirt. They look at him as if wondering what he expects them to do about it, and he explains that Adele always took care of his buttons. You know, Chief, they'll take care of that stuff for you at the dry cleaners for just a few bucks. It's just a thought. Addison asks if the Chief has called Adele, and he hasn't, because he wouldn't want to bother her with something "as trivial as a button." Maybe you could bother her with something less trivial, like the future of your marriage. And is it just me, or is "crappy excuses not to talk to your loved one about something important" the running theme of this season? The Chief looks hopefully at Addison and Bailey and wonders if either of them could maybe possibly sew on his button. Addison tells him that she has two uteruses to take care of, and Bailey tells him, "I have many skills. Surgical skills. Your button ruptures its esophagus, I'm your woman. Otherwise...." And with that she walks off. Aw, poor Chief -- it sucks when girls won't do your menial labor for you. The Chief pulls his lab coat closed over the gap in his shirt where the button would be.

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