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Mark is examining Barbri's hand, and asks her if it's true that she burned her hand because she was studying. She tells him that while she's studying for the bar, she shouldn't be allowed to heat soup. Or tea, which was her last story. Izzie gives a look indicating that she may have noticed the discrepancy in Barbri's story. Mark gets Barbri to continue the story and she claims that she dropped the pot of soup because it was red hot. But when he points out that to get the kind of burns she has she must have held on to the hot pot for at least a little while, she changes her story and claims to have held onto the pot before she dropped it. Izzie is biting her tongue to keep from speaking. And here's the problem I have with this plotline -- if they want to give Izzie a triumph of perception on her first day back, that's fine with me. But it shouldn't come at the expense of making Meredith look like a moron. And if even Mark (whose head is normally shoved so far up his own ass, or the nearest vagina [metaphorically!] that he can't observe anything) notices something wrong with Barbri's story, there's absolutely no excuse for Meredith not to notice. Mark gives Meredith some treatment instructions for Barbri, who notes how sad it is that she won't be able to take the upcoming bar exam due to her injuries. But Mark reassures her that she'll be healed up enough to take the exam, and she gets a scared look in her eyes.

Cut to Izzie speaking privately to Meredith about Barbri's case. Izzie is convinced that she's lying and that something is off about her case. Meredith notes that Izzie is only supposed to be observing. Well, yes, Meredith -- that's why she's telling you about her suspicions away from the patient. Izzie notes that when she heard she could take the test, Barbri looked scared, not relieved. And not for nothing, Izzie, but this might have been the time to point out the lie about how she got burned. Meredith doesn't even listen to Izzie and accuses her of being nervous and bucking the rules of her probation. Izzie notes that she's just worried about their patient and tells Meredith, "Get off your high frickin' horse." Meredith points out that Barbri is her patient, not Izzie's. Izzie gives her best "grin and bear it" smile, and walks away with a dismissive "whatever."

At the nurse's station near the surgical board, Cristina looks at some kind of image of a beating heart on her laptop. Suddenly we hear Bailey's voice; she's noticed the Humpty Dumpty on the board, and very excitedly writes her name in as the resident on the case. Cristina looks utterly panicked.

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