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George walks next to Callie and tells her that he's aware that she's not talking to him but that he'd really like her to listen to him. She keeps walking away, so he grabs her elbow and pulls her back towards him. And then he tries to explain about the pig and the chicken, but he does it in that flustered little boy way he has, and he mostly ends up telling her that he knows that he was the chicken and she was the pig. Of course, her first reaction is, "Did you just call me a pig?" George: "It's a metaphor." Callie: "Calling me a pig?" (By the way, George -- if you call her a pig on the boards, I will ban you.) George boldly tries to continue his explanation, telling her, "What I'm trying to say is that I'm the pig. Now, I am the pig." Callie doesn't seem inclined to disagree with that statement, and she just walks away.

Izzie walks down a corridor carrying her tray of completely untouched cafeteria food. She stops and looks into a patient's room, where she finds all of the other interns sitting around and eating lunch. She explains that she's been waiting for them for half an hour in the cafeteria and asks when they started eating lunch in a patient's room. She just sat there, waiting? And didn't eat one bite of her apple or her sandwich? How emotionally needy are you when you can't even eat until your friends join you? George introduces Izzie to the patient in whose room they are eating: "Izzie, meet Really Old Guy." In fact, there's a really old guy sleeping in the bed while everyone around him eats or (in Cristina's case) studies for surgery. Since Really Old Guy sleeps all the time, his room is a peaceful place for the interns to eat lunch and escape anyone who might bother them. Izzie sits in a chair next to Cristina (moving a book in the process), and Cristina asks her what she's doing. Izzie starts to answer that question by griping about how she's not allowed to do anything, but Cristina tells her, "If you want to socialize or talk about your day or get in a quick therapy session, go do it over there." And she points in the general direction of Meredith and George. Izzie thinks Cristina is joking, but she's really not. Alex brings up the woman with two uteruses, and George defensively tells him that since he (Alex) is doing nothing but scutwork for Mark, he's really in no position to mock Alex. But Alex actually has a question about the patient's medical condition, causing George to wonder why he cares. Alex, being a manly man, must deny that he cares at all. George tells Meredith that he called Callie a pig, causing giggles in Alex and Izzie. Meredith asks why he was speaking to Callie at all, since they made a pact to ignore the objects of their affections and focus on work. She decides that since he spoke with Callie once, she can speak to Derek once. Izzie tries to talk about how much things have changed, but nobody is really paying her any mind. And then Meredith calls "gin" in her card game with George and walks out. Izzie wonders what's going on with Meredith and George (what with the whole "swapping opportunities to speak with Derek and Callie"), and he tells her that he and Meredith have a "thing." Izzie's upset that they have a thing that she doesn't know about, and Cristina pitches a fit because everyone is talking in Really Old Guy's room.

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