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"Carpe diem" has widely been a phrase that inspires people but this week, Mere is griping about it via VO while the residents (minus Alex) sit outside and gripe about the exam. Well, "gripe" might be too light a word -- "despair" is probably more accurate. Mere VO-wonders how one is supposed to plan a life and their family if always carpe diem-ing. They all moan about how hellish and tricky the test was and groan about how the next test isn't going to be given for over a year. Mere finally realizes they are missing one member of their party and asks if anyone knows how Alex did, and April answers by asking if anyone knows if he made it. Mere, and, surprisingly, Cristina, are both confused and horrified by the question.

This carpe diem stuff is ridiculous and doesn't seem to apply to anything, so I declare it dead to me this hour. Basically, the takeaway for me is Mere is miserable, sick, and grumpy, and despairing about her future. Because really, I think there are plenty of ways one can seize the day while also planning a future, hence my boycott of this week's voiceover. Catherine is waiting by the elevator and seems down as well, which is surprising given her earlier glee from the night's antics. Richard gets off the elevator and sees her, worried that she's upset about what happened. She is quick to say that's not it at all -- she talked to someone and found out that one of the Seattle Grace doctors didn't pass, though she doesn't know who. All she knows is that if it's Jackson he's going to blame her forever. I don't know if he'd blame her forever but I'm not going to lie that seeing your mom in post-coital bliss with your ex-boss would be enough to throw your brain for a loop and screw you right up when you're already wound up about taking the most important test of your life.

Now it's time for the Wayne's World back in time sound effect. Doodly-oo, doodly-oo, doodly-oo! (What? How do you spell it?) It's six hours earlier, and we see a montage of the examiners welcoming the residents to the test. The setup is this: There will be four scenarios given in each of three 30-minute sessions, with 10-minute breaks in between. They must pass two of the three sessions to pass the exam, but the administrators are not allowed to indicate if they have passed or failed each session. They will be rated on how they diagnose, manage treatment, and handle the unexpected -- so, trick questions. One of Cristina's administrators is Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World. Yeah, yeah -- I'm sure I'm not the only one who recognized him from that. As he gives Cristina the instructions he talks slowly and stops and starts a whole lot and she can barely contain herself. She finally finishes a sentence for him and he asks her pointedly if she is in a hurry. She tries to be nice as she says no, she is just ready when he is. And so the test begins, and all of them are answering their scenarios. Poor Mere has the added stress of trying to not upchuck all over her administrators. Everyone is quite nervous but April really takes it to another level. She asks tons of questions about everything they ask in an incredibly panicked, squeaky voice. The two examiners who are scheduled to administer Alex's exam, meanwhile, figure they will give him 15 minutes and then talk about last night's baseball game. Honestly, this does seem kind of evil; the administrators really do try hard to make the doctors doubt every one of their answers, just like Callie did to Meredith. Even Cristina seems to be rattled, though she sticks to her answers.

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