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Mass Hysteria

Meredith's voice is extremely deep as she tries to give an answer but finally, she just gives in. She quickly tells the examiners that she is sorry and then pulls back her hair and barfs into a garbage can she found nearby. As she does, the examiners look thoroughly revolted.

Cristina, meanwhile, sounds almost bored as she tells Feeny how she would perform a procedure. He keeps asking her questions, trying to trip her up, and her attitude starts to rear its ugly head once more as he tells her he thinks she should do it a different way. She informs him that she's done this procedure a dozen times but he evenly replies that he's done it at least 1,000 times. She gets all passive aggressive in response and agrees to do it his way but with the tone of her voice saying she thinks this is totally wrong.

Mere continues to retch and I fear that her examiner might have to do the same himself in a moment -- I can't say I blame him, either, since she worked up some pretty believable puke sounds and those are my personal undoing. The woman examiner hands her a tissue and tries to convince Meredith to go home and take the test in a year, promising that it won't be marked as a failure on her record. Meredith, though, seems to have just barfed away her insecurities, and she sits back up and answers the test question. She reminds them that they are doctors and should therefore be able to handle a little bit of puke. The woman looks actually fairly impressed at her guts (no pun intended) and Mere goes on to say that her mom nearly invented the procedure they just asked her about which means she's known how to do it since she was a girl. She orders them to keep the questions coming and not take it easy on her. The woman examiner agrees and starts to ask another question, but Mere leans over and vomits again. Even though the examiners still seem to wish she'd call it for now, she tells them to continue. She's feeling her oats now, even if she might end up throwing them up too.

Mr. Feeny is still giving Cristina an absolutely terrible time and needles her about her confidence. He manages to push her every button and she gets increasingly combative, especially when he calls her out on her hostile attitude. He keeps trying to trip her up about her answer while she keeps getting angrier and angrier. Finally, she explodes and tells him that the method he likes is totally ancient news and that the answer she gave is the one that is actually correct for now but he just points out that this means she lied earlier when she finally agreed she'd use his method. This is the last straw for her and she tells him that she can do this with techniques from any era so he should pick a decade and they can just go with that. He regards her for a long moment and then tells her icily that it's been a pleasure being witness to such greatness, and now he can retire knowing there's genius like this at work in the field of surgery. All of Cristina's bravado is gone in an instant when she realizes he's really leaving with 20 minutes left in the session. He just tells her there's no need, pats her shoulder as he leaves and patronizingly wishes her good luck.

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