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Arizona sees him in the waiting room and they share a big hug, and then she notices that he's holding a cane; he good-naturedly reminds her he's got cancer and says it hurts to walk. She's surprised since the diagnosis was only six months earlier and Nick quickly tells her, "Did I say months? I meant years. So! You must be the wife!" Callie's face goes from happy to wary as they greet each other, while Arizona looks absolutely crushed.

Mark then tells Derek what happened and starts musing about it: first, he says it sounds crazy but might be genius since he loves Julia and wants Sofia to have siblings. Derek realizes that Mark's actually trying to get Derek's opinion and Mark immediately asks, worried, if Derek thinks he shouldn't. They banter a bit and Mark keeps trying to guess if Derek is telling him to do it or not to do it. Derek simply asks if he wants Julia in his life forever. Mark keeps flip-flopping, and seems pretty desperate to get Derek's answer about what he should do. Lexie bounds up and cheerfully asks what they are talking about; Derek manages to smoothly tell her it's about their upcoming surgery.

They go into a room where a patient is wearing a helmet that looks very similar to the one my nephew had to wear for a little while to help even out the shape of his skull. But this one is just blue while my nephew's had awesome graphics of planes and whatnot, so obviously he wins. The patient, Charlie, fell off the roof and then after they had to remove a portion of his skull he wound up with basically a big dent in his head. Now that the swelling has subsided, they're going to fix that. Lexie is giving all the info but finally gets distracted and stops to ask him what he was doing when he fell off the roof, as if this is a totally inconceivable and ridiculous injury. Well, I mean, it's kind of ridiculous in that I'm sure it was avoidable, but someone going on to their roof to fix it is far from the most outlandish thing I've ever heard and I can't muster up too much surprise that someone could also then fall off. This is why I don't spend much time on roofs, myself. He's married to Libby from Lost and she tells Lexie he was being an idiot and then at Charlie's protests that the roof needed fixing, tells him that she wanted roofers to be the ones to take care of it. Derek takes over from Lexie and explains that they are going to attach a titanium roof to his skull to fix him up, and Charlie is completely stoked at the idea and starts asking questions about drills and screws. So we now know he's a DIY nut, but Libby begs the doctors not to encourage him.

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