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Mass Hysteria

Second session. April is super nervous as she gives an answer, and the examiner drily informs her that her patient just died. She gapes at him but he just moves on to the next scenario even though she begs to go back. Meredith, meanwhile, is having a hard time controlling her gag reflex as she's asked a question about a patient with bloody stools and rectal burning. One of her examiners asks her pointedly if she's squeamish, and sounds ready to pounce. Mere tells her no, but keeps swallowing and can barely get words out. Basically, for every answer our residents give, the administrators ask them something in return, trying to instill doubt or knock them off their game. Or both, really. Alex gives an answer that seems to actually please his people, but April is not so lucky. She keeps trying to go back and amend her last answer but they remind her that this isn't allowed. She stops and apologizes, but then sits and fidgets and finally can't contain herself and yells at them that she needs them to understand why she'd do whatever it was she said she'd do. Seriously, this stuff is so rapid fire and all over the place that I understand maybe every fifth word of the medical stuff. April is sweating buckets and finally takes off her coat but realizes as she fans herself that she's got huge sweat rings all over her shirt underneath. Once again she tries to go back, and her instructors are showing some great self control to not explode back at her. She finally completely loses the plot and starts yelling at them and finally dissolves into desperate pleading, telling them she is a really good doctor and just needs all of the info to answer the questions -- info she thinks she is not being given. Finally, pathetically, she whines once more that she's a really good doctor and then we mercifully cut to commercial. I actually really like Sarah Drew, and I think she just was given an annoying character to play and that the show has never really figured out what to do with April other than to focus on how she gets nervous and squeaky.

Jackson is looking at some variety of scans and trying to tell his examiners what he is seeing, but his mom's booming laugh comes from the room next door and keeps breaking his concentration. She seems to be giving a very different test than the ones our people are getting thus far if there is any kind of actual smiling inside. Jackson finally blurts out with a lame laugh that this is distracting and asks if they might tell the other room to keep it down. His examiners are not shy about telling him what a bad sign it is if he is this easily distracted. He stutters, trying to explain himself, but of course he can't really do that and they then give him crap and make him wait until the traffic below has all passed, lest it bother him even further.

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