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Cristina is giving answers sounding dangerously close to bored. Mr. Feeny is pouring himself some tea and takes a cookie as he keeps telling her that her patient is still not doing well. She gives another course of treatment and he acts surprised, calling it a risky move. She's obviously annoyed but she keeps herself contained as they move on even as he tries to goad her into arguing with him.

Callie gives Nick and exam and when he tells her that something doesn't hurt, she applies a bit more pressure and he can't help but wince. She can't help but needle him that this is what happens when one waits six years to be treated. He tells Arizona that Callie's not shy, and Arizona proudly tells him she never wanted that anyway. He tells them that he tried naturopathy and insists that it worked but I kind of think the wincing and the cane show that he might be in a bit of denial with regards to his own results. Arizona scoffs at him. He then explains that when he knew he had to go to an ortho surgeon, he remembered that Arizona married one. But then he adds seriously, "Not that it was a real wedding." Callie's eyebrows shoot sky-high and she starts to get her equal rights panties into a bunch but it turns out he's referring to his and Arizona's "wedding" when she was ten. They reminisce happily about the ceremony in her treehouse, and how he was probably the last boy she ever kissed. Her face falls, though, when they begin to talk about her brother Tim. Callie is fine to cut all of this short and tells him she's ordering new scans because his are old; much like he did when they first met he cheekily slips in that the scans are older than even they think. He was having too much fun traversing the world and climbing mountains and whatnot. Nick asks her if Callie's attitude means he's dying but she assures him lightly that he'll be fine and Callie is the best. They agree that they missed each other tons and give each other a big hug.

Bailey is wooing her way down the stairs, telling the candidates all about the time they can have for research projects, field work, and screwing up groundbreaking medical trials, but they are more interested in things like offices and assigned parking spaces. Bailey is thoroughly annoyed and since she doesn't have sexy, wooing answers to those questions, she snaps at them that she'll have to check and get back to them.

Derek is doing a practice run of screwing a plate on to Charlie's skull when Lexie finds him and tells him that Mark is letting her "graft the fat" during the surgery. Yay? Derek, seeing how happy she is, declares he's going to be her big brother for 30 seconds and then announces that Julia wants to have a baby with Mark. Lexie positively flips and immediately wants to know what exactly she said, how the conversation happened, and other details that women always want and men, never, ever think to ask when talking to their buddies. He's alarmed by all of her questions and tells her his time is up, then starts to make his way carefully to the door. Lexie finally calls after him that she hopes he told Mark it's an insane idea.

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