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Finally, THANKFULLY, she manages to calm down and stop screeching. Jackson apologizes, and explains that he's worked up because Catherine is in the next room and also, he feels like an idiot for letting it get to him and worrying about what she will think if he fails. April tries to reassure him that it's not pathetic at all; it's the most important relationship in his life. Cue the touching music. She then admits that her problem isn't exactly that she broke her promise. She holds his gaze a moment and he finally guesses correctly that the real problem is that it felt good. He still feels like a heel and apologizes for taking advantage, but April scoffs at him and points out that she's the one who kissed him. Avery replies that she did, but he kissed her back. April says that then she unbuttoned his shirt. The music now sounds like Touching Music, if you know what I mean. The two go back and forth reminding each other of the moves they made and Jackson finally locks the bathroom door as April bites her bottom lip seductively. Fine. FINE, I'll say it. I can't be the only one who just read Fifty Shades of Grey to see what all the fuss is about, right? And I seriously wondered if her biting her lip was a cheeky nod to that book. Then again, I could be overthinking this since no one winds up chaining anyone to a wall or anything. But while there's nothing kinky, there's still plenty of sex -- they begin kissing, and he then picks her up with her legs wrapped around his waist and carries her into the stall. Look, the door is already locked, why not just do it there? I feel the counter might be sexier than standing right next to the toilet. I'm just saying.

Up in Seattle, their potential replacements are now looking critically at the food offerings in the cafeteria. Many of the current attendings are at a table, watching them and rightly mocking one of them for actually sniffing a dinner roll. Dude, you're in a hospital. I doubt there are many hospitals in this country with actual gourmet offerings. Get over yourself. Bailey finally admits to the rest of them that while she never thought she'd say it, they have to convince their own residents to stay on in Seattle; she adds that she didn't put up with all of their years of bullshit to then have to grovel for some other snot-nosed kids. Owen warns her that April already has four job offers elsewhere. Mark is sure Mere won't leave, at least without Cristina, but Owen just tells them that Cristina has a number of options. Bailey reports that her contact in Boston said that Mere told her that was her first choice. Well come on, we know that's not exactly true. Mark doesn't want Derek to go, and reminds him that he's building a house, but Derek merrily tells him that Harvard has a great neuro department and Boston has plenty of houses.

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