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The One Where George Admits It
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Seriously, these previouslys are getting ridiculous in their length. It's like, "Previously, on Grey's Anatomy, everything that's ever happened since the start of the series." ["Maybe it's an ABC thing? Because The Bachelor and Brothers & Sisters both have really overdetailed previouslys as well." -- Sars]

Let's hear what Meredith has to say to lead us into this week, shall we? "Doctors give patients a number of things. We give them medicine, we give them advice, and most of the time we give them our undivided attention." I have to say that I think "most" is being rather generous in that last clause. Izzie's been pacing in front of the elevators, while inside one of them, Lexie and Alex are making eyes at each other. A gaggle of interns join them and are exclaiming in awe, "I heard he saved a guy from coding yesterday. All by himself." Intern of unknown number: "He just knows things," et cetera. When they finally declare, "Best intern ever," Alex asks Lexie to whom they're referring, and when she tells him it's George, he starts to snicker, but she shushes him.

While Izzie jumps around on tiptoe, looking at people getting out of the elevators, Meredith's VO continues: "But by far, the hardest thing you can give a patient is the truth." Alex gets out and tells her conspiratorially that George has the interns snowed, but Izzie couldn't care less what he's saying.

Meanwhile, in another elevator, Derek gets in, and he and Mere scream, "Wasn't that secret sex good last night?!" but not quite in so many words -- they make stilted small talk while trying not to giggle. Cristina is reading the paper (because this must be the longest elevator ride in history) but looks up to see what's going on. VO: "The truth is hard. The truth is awkward. And very often, the truth hurts." The secret sex coach arrives, and Izzie swears. Cristina just indignantly tells her, "She's doing McDreamy. She's doing McDreamy and lying about it." In what will come as a shock, Izzie doesn't care, as this doesn't center around her. Cristina continues to rant, figuring Meredith is doing this because she thinks Cristina can't handle it with what she's gone through. Izzie manages a "Poor Cristina, all alone." Cristina agrees. "Damn right. Poor Cristina." She leaves, and the doors to the millionth elevator open, and the object of Izzie's desire gets out. She immediately asks what happens but gets a severe, tiny head-shake of warning. Callie comes out right after George, reading papers, and doesn't even bother looking up at the dumb blonde. After they walk past, George looks back once fleetingly and looks confused, as only a guy being led around by two women can. Mere wraps up, "I mean, people say they want the truth. But do they really?"

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