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The One Where George Admits It

Derek's musing about the surgery to George, who reports that for a while it had been looking really good. Derek seems rather exasperated at the pickle in which Mark and Richard find themselves. Speaking of exasperating situations, George says he'll be right there, and pops into the room where Izzie is moping. She's pissed, throws up her hands, and wonders what there is to say. "I'm Blondie. I'm the other woman. I'm a bad fifties cliché." George stops her from leaving on this dramatic, pathetic pronouncement, and closes the door. He then delivers my favorite line since this whole ridiculous romance started: "We're not in this together." She's mighty offended but he stops her, telling her she doesn't get to be mad. Which of course makes her mad, but here at home, my heart is feeling warm and toasty. He yells at her that there's no "we," since he is the one who has to tell Callie. "I'm the one who has to destroy her. This is not about you and me. This is about her and me." I have no idea where George suddenly got this perspective and emotional maturity, but he should really tap into it more often. And give it to Izzie if she's ever going to be a watchable character again. He explains that he is the one "ending a marriage to a wonderful woman." Now he remembers how great she is? "It's not something you just blurt out. It's not." Having no filter about what to say or when to say it, Izzie's confused by the concept. He says he will do it, but Izzie has to back off. She apologizes; oh, if only she meant it.

Bailey exclaims to Mere's back, "You traded a [tongue surgery I can't spell] for the pit." She says it's a long story, and Bailey points out that it ends with her fobbing Lexie off. Mere explains about the intubation on a dead guy, pointing out that Bailey used to do the very same thing to them. She adds that whatever Lexie said isn't true. Bailey answers that what Lexie said is that Mere hated her and her mother, which Meredith vehemently denies as Bailey goes on to remind her that Lexie's mother came to Mere with hiccups and ended up dying. Meredith just says she's not her intern. Bailey cries, "No, she's your sister!" She goes on to say that Mere hasn't had anything nice to say since Lexie got there, and between that and Mere being her mom's doctor, what should Bailey think? I get where she's going, but I maintain that it's a stretch for Lexie to just assume that Meredith hated her mom. An understandable idea from a hurt girl, yes, but still a stretch. "Whether you like it or not your job is to help that girl be a better doctor. So help her." She's paged and runs off, leaving Meredith alone to sigh.

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