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The One Where George Admits It

Mark heads in to a patient's room to see a middle-aged woman, Connie, and her two friends, Joanne and Elaine. Elaine remarks, "This is why you and I need to get sick. The doctors. One's more handsome than the next." Well, she's not wrong there, but I'd still recommend this hospital for eye candy, and another for dedicated care. Richard joins them, explaining that he knows Connie from taking her appendix out three years previously. She asks after Adele, and Richard loses every drop of cool and stammers about how hard marriage is, but how Adele has consented to go on a date with him that very night. Connie's not just there to help provide exposition; she had a bump on her tongue removed that turned out to be cancer, and now she's there to have the rest of it removed. Her tongue, that is. She's extremely good-natured and chatty, which I note because it will come into play in just a second. Mark has to kill the mood by telling her it turns out the cancer is in 60% of her tongue, but that they have a surgery called a microvascular free flap. I don't know -- I just don't want the word "flap" in a surgery. Something about that sounds kind of...unfinished. But what it means is that flesh from her leg will be used to recreate the lost tongue, and that she'll then be able to breathe, chew, and swallow. She notices one key action is missing, and she adds, "And talk." The uncomfortable silence of the doctors and the five thousand interns standing behind them gives her an idea of the answer, and she asks directly if she'll be able to talk. Mark finally answers that she will, but he's not sure anyone will be able to understand her. For the first time in this checkup, she and her friends are completely dumbstruck.

Alex has followed the example of his friends, and takes Norman down to the clinic for the "good experience." He gets in some ass-kissing about how Bailey is the best and Norman will really learn from her. Without batting an eye, Bailey calls him on dumping Norm there so he can troll for surgeries. There's a lot of nervous laughter, and he pulls her aside to explain, "The dude's got a bum hip and he smells like arthritis cream." He adds that Norm can't keep up and begins outright begging, promising to owe her one. She uses the moment to call it in just then and sends Alex over to see a patient, bringing Norm with him. "Show him how we do an H&P." Am I dumb? Multiple viewings and watching every episode of this show haven't helped me in guessing what that means. ["'History and physical.' The only reason I know it is from Googling it every damn time ER mentioned it." -- Sars]

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