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The One Where George Admits It

George has a bunch of pictures propped up. My thought process went something like, "What is that? That sure is weird formatti-- AAAAAAUGH those are tongues! Not attached to anything!" They're going to have to start running vomit warnings for people like me who tend to eat dinner while they're watching. He's researching the surgery, which is a perfect time for Izzie to plop down next to him and explain how Charlie's giving her a hard time and saying George isn't going to leave Callie, but that's totally not true, right? Right? She says that they're in it together, and that he's going to tell Callie tonight. After a moment waiting for confirmation that doesn't come, she says his name and George just turns to tell her he's got research to do. She freaks out that he's not going to do it, and he calmly and very exasperatedly points out that, yesterday, she didn't want him to say anything. Izzie gets mad, and storms out. I really think she's become one of the most hateable, unwatchable characters currently on television.

Norman happily reports to Mrs. Chapman that her son isn't on drugs, but rather than relieved, she looks confused to have been wrong. Norman is happy, and tells her that her son is "fine," which causes Bailey to look up and watch the events unfolding with some degree of worry on her face. Mrs. Chapman insists that this isn't like her son. Alex says they should run more tests, but Norman interrupts to say he's just being a teenager. Hunter replies, "You have apple hair. I threw a pancake in the river. A pancake!" As he examines Hunter, Alex asks him if he knows what he said, and he's not sure, but he was just trying to say he wanted to go home. Alex orders a full neurological exam.

George is examining Connie, who is clearly terrified, as her friends assure her everything will be okay. She asks what if it doesn't work and says, crying, that it's her last chance to talk. Elaine tells her to say whatever it is now, which earns her a slap from Joanne for being morbid; Joanne assures her again that it'll be fine. She wants Connie to have no regrets, which clearly catches George's attention, but despite her assurances, Connie balks. George then blurts, "You should tell them." He then says that he knows sometimes things don't go how you'd like, so if she has anything to say, she should. I can already tell this is going to be really great advice and that no one at all is going to regret it. Connie turns straight to Jo and tells her she has to stop wearing those pants. Jo's taken aback. "They make your ass look like two puppies are struggling to get out." She then says all Joanne's pants are too tight, and begs her to buy new ones. "And Elaine, your breath is godawful." She quantifies it by saying she knows Elaine's got good hygiene, so she needs to see a doctor about it. She also tells her to get a new hairstyle as the eighties have come and gone. Is it mean to say she's not wrong? Elaine's got an auburn frizzy-perm look similar to one I sported through sixth grade, complete with it being held half-up with a clip. Unfortunately, there really was a time for that look, but very, very fortunately, it isn't now. George is watching, clearly not having expected this. Her friends look stunned.

Izzie been called in to Charlie's room, where he's pulling off all of his monitors, and Izzie has the only reaction she does to anything anymore -- exasperation He says he's sick and tired of waiting, and she counters that she's sick and tired of going to his room every five minutes. He wants to help his death along, so finally, pissed that she's got to attend to an unhappy patient, she yells that she'll help. She begins pulling more monitors off and yanking cords, all the while yelling at him about how none of it seems to be helping him die. On a roll with her self-righteous, sarcastic rant, she doesn't notice that Charlie's gone silent until Ubiquitous Male Nurse tells her so, and they jump into action as Charlie codes. (If he wanted to die so much, why didn't he sign a DNR form? Oh, that's right, then he couldn't be Izzie's Lesson Angel of the week.) She's terrified: "I swear to God I didn't do anything." More's the pity, because surely with her record this latest peccadillo would get her booted.

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