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The One Where George Admits It

They shock Charlie, and after the second shock they get him back. Izzie calls his name and he begs, "Stop saving my life!" She rolls her eyes at...his lack of gratitude? I guess she was expecting "Thanks for your mean, condescending sarcasm. It made me really feel like I had something to live for after all."

George is helping wheel Connie into surgery; she can't believe she said all that she did. To his credit, George looks fairly guilty about it all. She asks if he thinks she hurt their feelings too badly and if they'll forgive her, and then grabs him and accuses him, "You told me to!" And that he said it would be okay. "I'm REALLY sorry." Kind of a Band-Aid on a knife wound there, George.

Lexie reports to Bailey, saying Mere sent her down there, and an unamused Bailey asks why. "Truthfully? She didn't want to work with me anymore. She kicked me out." Bailey tells her to go back and tell Mere the clinic is not a dumping ground. "We are not the Island of Broken Interns." Aw, with a reference like that, now I can just imagine Bailey secretly settling in to watch Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with some hot cocoa every December. Lexie goes after Bailey and begs her to not have to do that, saying she can't work with Meredith. "I can't work with her because I can't look at her. She hates me, she hates my dad, she obviously hated my mother, and I am...please." I know she's hurt, but I do think that's unfair. Does Lexie think that Meredith actually chose to kill her mother? Because if that's the case, then she should be saying something stronger. To the cops and the medical board. She begs, and Bailey sends her off to do stitches.

Derek runs into the CT room to ask Alex what's up, and he brings him up to speed. Derek sees Norman and introduces himself; when Norm says he's from The Best University In The Universe, Derek muses that he thought he knew all the guys there, and needs to have it explained that Norm is an intern. He welcomes Norm with a handshake -- it should be noted that he maybe comes up to Norm's shoulder, which I find hilarious for the guy who fancies himself the Big Man on Campus. They look at the scan and it seems Hunter's got hydrocephalus, which is pushing against something and screwing up his speech. Norm comments again how sure he was that it was drugs, but "that's what happens when you're a pharmacist for 30 years, you're sure that everybody's hooked on pills or reefer." And you haven't gotten outside, apparently, or turned on a television, because we've got a brand-new, cutting-edge term: "pot." Derek says they'll put in a shunt; Alex tells Norm to book an OR and he'll go talk to Hunter and his mom. When he leaves, Alex comments that Norm can't shut up, even with patients. Derek points out that Alex is his resident, and Alex says he knows, but it would be like yelling at his grandfather.

Cristina walks up to Izzie, saying she heard about Really Old Guy. "What's the matter, couldn't find his LVAD wire?" The awesomeness of this barb has made me completely unable to come up with any sort of further remark or compliment. In fact, I'm bowing to her paused face on my TV right now. Izzie says it was a coincidence and that he lived, but Cristina clearly doesn't care and saucily heads off to do the tongue surgery.

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