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The One Where George Admits It

Heading down the stairs at that moment, Mere sees it all. Iz jumps up to ask if George has said anything, and Mere ignores it to say that Cristina's been faking. Christmas really has come early with all of this complete disregard for Izzie. She says she's got her own problems, so she has no time for them and their fake drama. Well, at least she and Cristina have a functional relationship with each other, Iz.

Charlie complains that it was impolite to not let him die, and Izzie mutters that in a hospital it's a lawsuit. And she should definitely know. He glares and tells her, "I don't like you." Oh, get in the back of a Disneyland-in-the-middle-of-summer-length line, Charlie. She snarks, "Oh really? Because I thought we were BFFs." I don't think she should be so cavalier with the only person who seems to give a crap about anything she has to say. He says that for that, he's dying right now, and screws up his face, but it's not working, and Izzie notes it. After thinking a moment, she asks if he really thinks George won't leave his wife. Charlie replies that if a person wants to do something -- like die -- they do it. If he had a different doctor, he might have a different outlook on life. She grits her teeth, and for some inexplicable reason he seems to feel bad, and tells her that maybe he's wrong and there's hope that they'll end up happy. She declares that he's not dying on her watch.

Bailey barges back into the lounge to report that Cristina and Mere are "playing musical chairs with the interns." Callie clearly couldn't care less. Bailey says she thought Callie might want to know, mentioning the Grey Family Feud, but Callie can't be bothered to look up. Without waiting for a response, Bailey says she thinks it would be best if residents stayed with their own interns, and Callie cuts her off that she got it. Bailey finally asks what's really been bugging her: "You planning to hide out in here all day long? Or you plan to emerge at some point and do your job?" Callie: "Why would I come out there to do my job when you clearly do it so much better?" I'd like to say Callie told her, but...I think Bailey does do it better. Callie says she's doing paperwork to avoid fighting with anyone today. Bailey seems to want to say something, but just heads out.

Oh FOR THE LOVE, I don't need to see Connie's bloody open mouth during her surgery! But it seems to be going well, and Mark comments that at this rate, Richard will be able to go on his date with Adele. Richard says he'd better, as she won't take him back if he cancels their "first date." George asks where he's taking her, and he answers, but then he and Mark put down their instruments and stare. There's a lot of "Uuuuumm." George asks if everything is okay, and Mark says he isn't sure. When George asks what that means, we get the Ominous Promo Line Of The Week: "It means we've never done this before." Cue the dramatic staring.

Mark and Richard each throw out options for what they could do, but none of them are greeted with enthusiasm. Mark says it might not work after all, but Richard reminds him how much Connie loves to talk. Mark then admits, "We need an extra set of hands. Someone who knows nerves." Richard seems more willing to say his actual name than Mark is, and tells George to page Derek.

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