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When Richard reaches Tori's dad, he makes no effort to hide his annoyance as Dad asks how his daughter is doing. Richard impatiently answers that she is stable, and adds that he should be there. When Dad defends that he just needed an update, Richard tells him that's not important; that it's only important that the best doctors he has are working on her right now. He chastises Dad for making so many calls, and Dad breathes kind of heavy, on the verge of tears. But he controls himself enough to apologize for being underfoot, while explaining that hospitals are horrible places to try and get information. The doctors never tell them anything, and he's not sure if that's ego or neglect. (Hint: Ego.) He reminds Richard that they are trying to take care of their scared, sick little girl, and they're doing everything they can. Richard, having been put in his place and taught an Important Lesson, replies, "Don't ever stop taking care of her like that." He then goes back to surgery.

In another OR, Hunt and Izzie are working on her abdominal guy. Hunt asks Iz if she's used a GIA stapler, and she jumps at the chance, saying she hasn't but she's ready. Hunt, however, has some fun up his sleeve first. He tells Izzie to first answer three questions, and number one is which animal she has to thank for the polio vaccine. She asks him if it's necessary, and he tells her it's only necessary if she wants to use the stapler. Glaring, she answers, "Flipper babies." She tells him that 10,000 babies were born with birth defects during the '50s because the mothers took medicine tested on guinea pigs, who had no side effects to the drugs. Her point is that animals and humans can have different reactions, and she's furious when he calmly tells her that they can, but not always. She gripes that he can tell that to the babies and their mothers. He happily announces that the polio vaccine was tested on mice and monkeys, but she's done and tells him to keep his precious stapler.

Cristina, clearly having forgotten her naming rule, asks for updates on Reggie and Patty. They're stable, and Stinky 2 reminds her that they aren't supposed to use names. Without missing a beat she tells him that she could call them numbers, but if she told them to give antibiotics to "3" she might find him sticking a needle in Lexie's butt. Cristina is upset that she can't figure out what's wrong with Wilbur (I believe). She makes the call to open him up more, and when Lexie frets she tells her sternly but not unkindly not to get emotional and to just get ready to massage the heart. She almost looks like a real teacher for a moment.

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