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Tori's team has hit a roadblock, in that there's not enough artery left to dissect. That means they can't reconnect the organs to the vessels, and Mere points out the obvious (in a whiny little-girl voice, no less) that if they can't reconnect them, the organs will die. Hahn nastily agrees, so Mere asks if they could find a donor. Hahn growls that they'd have to find six organs in eight hours, and Mere concludes that they'd be too late. Hahn declares, "And a gold star for Grey," while Bailey stares daggers into the other surgeon.

Bailey then makes some suggestions, but for every suggestion she and Mere have, Hahn has a nasty comeback shooting down the idea. Bailey finally demands to know what Hahn's plan is -- she's so good at shooting down everything, so why doesn't she offer her own suggestion? Helpfully, her suggestion is that they never should have done the surgery in the first place. Bailey shoots back that she's made that clear every chance she got, and finally Richard intercedes to shut them up. He orders them to get over themselves and talk to each other, and after a few moments of what I'm sure are supposed to be pointed stares over their surgical masks, Bailey comes up with the idea to use human umbilical veins. Hahn has to admit that it might work, but it's Bailey's call -- and Bailey's decision is to go for it.

Hunt and Izzie are scrubbing out, and she couldn't look more like a little storm cloud if she tried. He compliments her work on the valve, adding that she has pigs and cows to thank for that. Izzie asks if he's done and she can go home, and Hunt defends that he's just trying to teach. Izzie has had enough, and lets loose a tirade that he can teach on the dummies that react to everything the way that humans would. He thinks that until you operate on live tissue you're going through the motions, but she maintains that might have held water in the olden days, but now they have the technology to not have to work on animals. He finally loses his cool at the suggestion that he tortured the pigs, but while he argues that they felt nothing, Izzie argues that there's no way he could know that. She goes on that animals are sensitive and intelligent, which is not her whim but a fact. "You are torturing God's creatures in an age where we have the technology that no longer requires us to. If you want to do that go ahead, but don't tell me I'm less of a doctor for walking away." Unlike most of her fights with, well, just about everyone in the hospital, Hunt furrows his brow and seems to think about what she said.

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