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Pigging Out

Richard, Bailey and Hahn are scrubbing out, and Richard congratulates both women on a job well done. Bailey smiles, and Erica happily thanks him. But once he leaves, Bailey laughs at her. Erica actually goes so far as to ask what Bailey's problem is, and Bailey points out the obvious: she's amazed Erica would accept congratulations since she both didn't want to do the surgery and then fought them during the entire process. Erica, however, still doesn't show any humility at all and replies, "And yet you had a world-class heart surgeon by your side." Bailey acknowledges that Erica is an amazing surgeon, but that day she was also a bullying pain in the ass. She at no point gave anyone any encouragement that they might succeed, and made the entire surgery as hard as she could for everyone involved. "So yeah, we did a nice job today... we did a great job today, but that wasn't thanks to you. That was thanks to me. And the chief. And Meredith Grey." After a moment, she remembers the most important participant. "And Anatomy Jane." Erica seems a bit chastised -- maybe it was the mention of the doll being more important than she was?

Cristina is walking Hunt to each pig's beside, animatedly updating him on all of their conditions. In a decidedly un-Cristina moment, she even calls them champs, and calls Wilbur a fighter. Hunt looks amused, but then genuinely congratulates her on a job well done. She's beaming, and he tells her to write everything up... and put them out. It takes a moment for Cristina to register what she just heard and asks him again. He clarifies that she is to terminate them, and in response she just walks out.

He finds her leaning against a railing, and as he approaches she announces that she's not killing them. She spent the day trying to keep them alive, so Hunt can go ahead and kill them himself. Hunt replies by listing all of the crazy procedures she was able to complete that day, both to point out what she learned but mostly to point out that each of the animals would have months of horrible, painful recovery, and that keeping them alive isn't humane. He turns to walk away and finally she calls after him, "Seriously, you don't remember my name?" He walks back and tells her that he does, but that was before. After a moment, he calmly recounts that in Iraq, he and his surgical team were treating the wounded, doing damage control, and then getting out of the area quick. One day, though, there was an ambush. All 19 of his men died, and he was discharged. "I'm not there anymore, in the before. I knew your name in the before. And now I'm living in the after." He leaves, and she heaves a big sigh.

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