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Callie shuffles into Erica's office, and without looking up Erica just tells her, "If you want to apologize to someone, apologize to Bailey. Thanks to you I made her life a living hell today." Callie replies by announces point-blank that she slept with Sloane. Erica is clearly taken aback but Callie cuts her off to try and defend her actions by reminding Erica of her reaction that morning. Callie says that while Erica saw leaves, Callie hasn't and she may never, or she may see entire forests. I just love primetime gay sex euphemisms. But Callie assures Erica that regardless of what she figures out, she wants to be with Erica right now, and that involves telling her the truth -- which happens to be that she slept with Mark. Twice. Erica is clearly working to absorb everything and just answers, "Okay."

Mere finds Richard in the conference room that night, and he paged her to make an admission. He tells her that she used to run around the hospital with Anatomy Jane all the time. Seeing Tori's family -- all of those people that care so much about her -- reminded him that Mere had no one and that he was responsible for that. It's such an awkward segue, but leads to a nice scene, even if it's one I feel we've seen before. "You're a living reminder of every failure in my life. And that's not your fault." ... Thanks? How do you respond to that? Meredith just doesn't, and he continues that if he thought saying sorry would mean anything at all, he'd say it 1,000 times a day.

Mere VO's over Cristina and the pigs: "Some wars are never over. Some end in an uneasy truce." As Cristina stares, paralyzed, Lexie comes in. Cristina, continuing her day of actually treating Lexie fairly, admits that she knows she is supposed to but she just can't kill them. Lexie just tells her gently that they will suffer. "Don't let them suffer." Silently, Cristina goes and mixes the injection.

Mark and Callie are in street clothes, leaving for the night. Callie has told Mark that the on-call trysts are over, and he does admit that's too bad. He then starts to walk away, and she calls after him to invite him for a drink. He seems surprised and she chuckles and informs him that even though they aren't sleeping together they can still hang out and be friends. He looks both confused and happy -- it's really endearing and also kind of sad that even he doesn't think he's worth anything more than the Sloane Method. She assures him, "You're good for more than sex, Mark." That said, he happily leaves with her to get a drink. Callie asks, "She's not gonna cry every time, right?" He assures her that it will pass. Well, sadly as we know now, it's going to pass in some way or another.

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