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Pigging Out

Richard sees Tori's family hugging Bailey, and smiles, clearly thinking of how clumsily they managed to tie this family's story into the Sad Tale of Meredith and Anatomy Jane.

VO: "Some wars results in complete and total victory." George gets home to find Lexie with the table set and candles burning -- non-romantic candles, that is. She tells him to sit, and presents macaroni and cheese that she made from the box, not the freezer. Mere explains the mac and cheese: "Some wars end with a peace offering." Lex sits down and tells George that she named the pigs, and he admits sadly that he has no idea what that means. She admits that she takes things personally and gets too emotional. "There's no place for it at work -- not with the pigs and not with you. I'm sorry." Good lord, she just sounded mature right there! This must be a fluke. George thanks her by exclaiming how much better mac and cheese is from the box rather than the freezer.

At the Home for Wayward Residents, Izzie is moping in bed when Alex knocks on the door. She snaps at him that she thought he was sleeping with Michelle that night. He says her name, but Izzie interrupts to tell him she had a hard day and that she wants to be alone. He finally gets a word in, though, and admits that he's not good at relationships or, "talking about stupid feelings." But he admits that she is (and how) and asks if she could teach him. "Tell me what I did wrong." Izzie jumps up, because being asked to tell someone what to do is like a dream. She realizes that he doesn't want them to see other people, and that asking if he should stop sleeping with Michelle was his way of showing it. She laughs, and he informs her that it's not helping and turns to leave. She grabs him though, and with her arms around him tells him that first he can start with all sorts of compliments. "Izzie, you're so self-righteous!" Oh wait, that was me. She then tells him to say, "You want to go steady with me?" He protests that this is what he would say in 1952, but they get all kissy. She then asks if he wants to go steady with her, and he tells her, "If that's what you want, whatever." They then fall into bed in a fit of giggles.

Meredith tells us, "And some wars end in hope." She and Derek are back at the house, unpacking more boxes. As she models a crazy pom-pom knit hat, Derek opens a box and grows serious. He tells her that she should unpack that one and pulls out... another journal. And then a handful more. Meredith looks shell-shocked and her VO finishes, "But all these wars are nothing, compared to the most frightening war of all. The one you have yet to fight."

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