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We join Erica and Callie post-sex, and both of them are exclaiming about how good it was. Callie seems especially happy that Erica loved it and that she seemed to love it too. But Erica more than loved it, she's overcome. (Looks like the Sloane Method is as good as promised!) In a voice raspy with emotion, she tells Callie that their sex is like when she got glasses as a kid. She never thought she needed them, but then once she got them, she was able to see that the green blobs outside were actually leaves, and that she'd never known she was missing anything before but now she was able to see how good it really was. And while her whole life she'd been with men having decent sex, it was nothing compared to what she has now. But the whole time that Erica cries about leaves, Callie's face falls and she looks more and more concerned. Once Erica happily declares, "I'm so, so gay!" Callie quietly says she has to go, and Erica's tears go from happy to embarrassed and sad. It's hands down the most genuine emotion we've ever seen from Hahn, and within two minutes went from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other.

At the hospital, Richard introduces Derek and Mark to the new Chief of Trauma, Major Owen Hunt. Derek and Mark mutter that he stole their patients, but Hunt just tells them that now they'll have chances to steal his. Richard tells them that now that Hunt is on staff, Seattle Grace is being reclassified as a Level 1 trauma center, so he can maybe relax a little bit now.

Mere and Cristina walk in, and Mere is showing off Anatomy Jane to Cristina. But when Cristina looks up and sees Hunt, she grabs Mere and orders, "Run!" They take off down the hall, Cristina only staring straight ahead, while Mere occasionally turns around to see what monster they are escaping from. They hide around a corner, and Cristina explains that Hunt is there, fessing up that she kissed him last time. Quickly though, she amends that he kissed her, and that it was a stupid nothing, and Mere points out that Cristina doesn't think Hunt thought the kiss was nothing. Cristina wants to know why he's back and not in Iraq like he said he was (and all of this, by the way, takes place as if she totally didn't see him at Joe's the night before, saying he was starting a new job). Mere wonders if he quit the military for Cristina (even before this episode was over and we know what happened, I could tell you that this was not it) but Cristina will only declare that she's not getting involved with another attending ever again. From personal experience I can tell you that a statement like that only means it's going to totally happen.

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