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Bailey runs up to the helipad, having been paged by the Chief. She's confused to find that they're just talking and there's no helicopter landing, but Richard explains that he was totally impressed by her pulling off the domino surgery the week before. (Except, given the stuff with Joe's and Hunt saying he's starting a new job the next day, and today he's starting a new job... wouldn't that mean the domino surgery was yesterday?) (Do you think I'll ever learn to just stop trying to make sense of the timeline on this show?) (Probably not.) Richard tells her that she has the potential to be a great surgeon, but that he wants her to be the best. And if she's going to succeed him as the best general surgeon in the hospital, she needs to start being Richard. He says that she can take point on a surgery, and that if problems come up, she's to just solve them without going to him about it. "Be me." She declares that she can do that, but notes that she's not sure why they're on a helipad for the conversation. With a dramatic flourish, Richard points and tells her, "That's why!" He has incredibly good timing to have figured out just how long he'd need to have this conversation before the helicopter arrived. He yells over the sound of the propellers that this is a 10-year-old girl with an inoperable tumor, and that Bailey has to put together a team and figure out how to save her. When she repeats the crazy order he answers, "It's not easy being me."

Alex and Izzie are in the locker room, and Alex is wondering why Izzie's having a snit. Dude, I get that you're bad at this, but... really? She of course just irks me when she tells him she's hot and great in bed, but that already he's bored after only a week so of course she's pissed. He says he's not bored, he just wants to know if he should stop sleeping with someone named Michelle. He then adds, "I'm asking if you're all in. What's so wrong with that?" She changes it up and this time calls him a barbarian instead of an ass. In that case, he informs her of whichever lucky woman he's going to tap next.

Ugh, Lexie is still ignoring George, which we know because he walks past her and says that as roommates she's eventually going to have to speak to him, but she rejects that idea. Banter, barf, boring, Lexie's a pain. Cristina and Mere arrive as Bailey walks in to inform them that they have a mandatory skills lab that day, but that one of them will be excused to help her with the inoperable tumor. They all raise their hands to volunteer, George saying out loud that he'll do it. Bailey informs him that he's totally behind on charts so he has to catch up instead. Cristina calls him a slacker, and Alex asks how you operate on an inoperable tumor. Alex is out for not having faith, and Cristina is out for not supporting another resident and helping with George's charts. Mere has been unpacking her bag and Bailey notices the doll and asks if that is THE Anatomy Jane, the one with the 24 removable parts and optional parts to simulate pregnancy? It is, and Mere asks if she's out too. But no, she's in! Much to the vocal disgust of Izzie, but Bailey just informs her, "Next time you'll know to bring in an ugly doll, won't you Stevens?"

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