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Pigging Out

Mark runs into an on-call room, declaring his love of the hospital. Callie's waiting for him in bed under a sheet -- clearly she paged him. She tells him this time it's not lessons, it's just good, old-fashioned, missionary, boy-girl sex. She warns him that this means no dirty talk, Erica talk, or talk at all, for that matter. As he jumps into bed he asks what's up, and she tells him she's testing a theory.

As the gang quietly works on the pigs, Cristina notices that Lexie is kneeling by hers, petting its snout. She hisses at her to stop petting the pig, but is interrupted when Hunt comes by and notes that she's spending too long on something, Dr... Cristina looks stunned as she reminds him of her name, but he makes no indication that he remembers her. He tells her to come over and see what George is doing, which Alex knows is going to gall Cristina to no end. Hunt points out that George stopped the bleeding and moved on, and while Cristina argues for thorough work helping avoid complications, Hunt tells her that she can go back and make things pretty later. Her pig is having problems due to the fact that she hasn't moved on, and Hunt tells her that if this was a kid he could be dead by now. He then calls her "Christine," to which she yells, amazed, "Ah! Cristina-AH!"

Mere and Bailey are doing a procedure where they run a catheter into Tori to then somehow see the tumor. Bailey notices that there are two people on the other side of the window watching, and as she goes to shoo them away, Tori explains that it is her aunt and uncle, who don't like her to get lonely. The funniest thing is that Bailey flips the switch so that they can hear her and she repeatedly tells them that Tori is okay and they need to leave, but they keep staring like robots at Tori. It's kind of eerie, and I'm not sure if they were supposed to look more like they could at least hear Bailey? Even if they were ignoring her they'd have to at least blink. Tori coughs, so Bailey decides it's fine to leave them there so that she can get to work. Only then, when she says they have to stay in the outer room to avoid the radiation, does Uncle give a thumbs up. Once the docs pull up an image on the screen, they see what looks like a bundle of little vines all grabbing at arteries. Bailey can't really cover her unfavorable reaction, so Tori asks if everything is okay. Distracted, Bailey tells her it's fine while still gaping at the screen.

Izzie storms from the lab up to Derek and declares that Hunt is, "a murdering, sadistic bastard." Derek just asks, "Let me guess -- first wet lab?" She continues to rant about him stabbing the pigs, aka the "live tissue," but Derek warns her that he's the new Head of Trauma, so if that's how he does things, she needs to try to go with it. She reminds him of "First do no harm," pointing out that it's not just about humans, it's about all living things. Derek: "Actually, I think it's just about humans." Tell that to Izzie's deer friend. Izzie stands there with her mouth hanging open a second and then tells him, as his roommate, that he disgusts her. As you can imagine, he really, truly gives a crap about that.

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