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Pigging Out

The deed done, Callie is morosely getting her clothes back on. Mark can't fathom that it wasn't good, but after a moment Callie mumbles that the problem is that it WAS good. She slumps out of the room, while Mark calls after her that she could have at least thanked him. Fear not -- he doesn't actually seem too worried.

Bailey paged Hahn, who finds the Future Chief looking at Tori's angio. (Aha! That's the procedure they were doing!) Bailey explains that the tumor is wrapped around her aorta, and that she's putting together a team to take care of it. Angrily, Hahn corrects that it's wrapped around five major arteries, and when Bailey tries to tell her that she has ideas, Hahn snaps that she should try them out on a patient who might actually live. Bailey tells Hahn that the family asked for her by name (well, sorta) but Hahn doesn't care. Bailey shoots back: "Well, I do!" Hahn, clearly channeling every feeling she's currently having about her own love life, seethes, "Don't get emotional, Bailey -- No one likes a girl who gets emotional." Bailey, very clipped and calm, tells her through gritted teeth that she would still like Hahn on her team, and they have a glare-off.

Lexie, rather than doing actual medicine on the pigs while the others work away, is stroking one's head and apologizing for what's going on. As she whispers to him, Hunt gets a page about a big trauma coming into the ER, and tags Alex to go down there with him. This means his lab is over, and Hunt dismisses George, too, so that he can go take care of his charts. Cristina's pissed to be the only one left there when she could go take care of bloody humans, but Hunt reminds her that she's got four patients right there that she needs to keep alive. He adds that they'd better all still be alive when he gets back.

Down in the ER, Alex is given a guy who went forehead-first through a window. Izzie gets something that sounds like an abdominal injury, and once she tells Hunt that she can do a trauma ultrasound, he gives her the patient. Derek and Mark show up -- Karev paged them -- but Hunt seems surprised and assures them they have it covered. Derek, not sure if Hunt really knows he's talking with a cover model, says that they have a patient with burns and a head injury, so they probably don't. But Hunt just asks Karev if he is capable of assessing the patient's injuries, and when he says that he is Hunt repeats that they are fine. When Derek points out that they are there and could just jump in, Hunt explains that the residents are going to learn more by doing and not by watching attendings. Unless, of course, that attending is himself. With that he dashes in, leaving Derek to pout.

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