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Alex does his job and determines that his patient has a subdural hematoma, so he asks Hunt if he should book an OR. Hunt wants to know what he'll do even before that to stop the bleeding. Alex would normally page Derek, but Hunt points out that he isn't there, and wants to know how he will handle it using just what he has in the room. He shoots down Alex's tentative guess of staples, pointing out that then his patient would look like Frankenstein. Alex settles on skin glue, which Hunt approves, so Hunt tells him to seal and clean the guy's head and then put a dressing on. He then goes to see Izzie and her patient. She's giving the guy a tetanus shot, and Hunt asks her who they have to thank for the vaccine. She's silent, so he supplies that it was developed in experiments done on horses. Izzie's super pissed but he leaves before she can say anything -- instead she just pouts in front of her patient like a consummate professional.

Tori's entourage has been invited into the conference room, and all of them are a bit horrified at the idea of the doctors removing all of her organs. Bailey explains that they'd keep the organs on ice, cut out the tumor, and then put everything back in and reconnect the arteries using synthetic grafts. Well then, easy as (organ) pie! Grandma asks why no other hospital suggested this treatment, and Richard has to admit that it's never been done before. Hahn takes the opening and adds that it's super risky and tons of things could go wrong. Tori's mom asks about doing more chemo, but Bailey tells her that unfortunately there's no time. Tori's dad asks if this surgery will save her life, and Richard answers truthfully that it's her best shot. "Her only shot." Her dad tells them to do it.

As Bailey preps for surgery, Cristina comes down to complain that she's not a vet, and while she respects practicing procedures on live tissue, there's lots of live tissue hanging around the ER. Bailey seems to barely hear her, and just asks who is babysitting the pigs. When she finds out that it's the interns, she asks if Hunt asked for the interns to do it, or for her to do it? Cristina claims it isn't the point, but Bailey orders her to make it the point, especially since she's got six organs to take out of a child. Cristina whines, "See, that's not fair! I'm not Dr. Doolittle." Bailey just replies," The zebras and the elephants are thanking their lucky stars for that." Too bad the pigs didn't have a say.

Mere goes in to the scrub room and starts getting ready for surgery. Richard is already there, and she asks him why they aren't removing the kidneys. He answers that they can do the surgery without having to remove them. Satisfied with that answer, she then asks a second question. "Why can't you look at me?" He claims she's imagining things, so in a sing-song, "I totally know you're lying" voice she says she doesn't think so, but if he says so... He snips, "I do. I say so." He tells her to worry instead about the young girl they are about to eviscerate, and not about her crazy, totally-on-point observations.

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