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George runs in to give the Chief his Blackberry but Richard wants him to read out loud what he's got since he can't read the screen. George mumbles that it's a bad idea but does it anyway. The email to Adele goes: "Dear Adele, eat with me. The love train is leaving the station. You know you want to take a ride..." Mercifully, Richard cuts him off and says he'll write it himself.

Callie catches up to Mark to see if he really won't follow her into an on-call room. He asks her why she wants sex all the time, if it's replacing something... and she tells him she needs it to clear her head and opens the door for him. He tells her that they can talk but they can't have sex, and she stomps her foot and whines, "Whyyy? What are we gonna talk aboooouuuuut?" He wants to talk about threesomes. He tells her that Hahn certainly isn't a bad choice: "She brings that whole, 'We're naughty and we're getting sent to the principal's office' thing to it." He asks if she's really never thought about reaching across the operating table, ripping off her mask and grabbing her hair -- clearly, this is something to which he's devoted large portions of brain cells. She orders him to stop talking about Hahn and runs off.

Speak of the devil, she's staring down at Tapley's body, frozen. Richard asks if she's okay and she informs him that one of the founding fathers of cardiothorasics is there in front of her and she needs a moment before slicing into him. Once she's ready and moves to start he warns her, "Don't screw it up!" It's actually kind of funny and sweet since clearly he has utter faith in her to do this.

Meredith tells Dr. Amy about Greta and her supposedly fake boyfriend, mentioning that she's got true love only because it's not actually real. She's also baffled by the fact that Derek seems "broken up" about it. Dr. Amy points out that Derek wasn't ready to give up on their relationship and Mere was. Mere insists that she didn't give up, saying she wanted to make it work, but then he kissed Rose, blah blah blah he was the one who messed up. Dr. Amy reminds her that people make mistakes in relationships, and she just stands back waiting for the other person to fail so that she can quit them. Mere denies it and says that it just wasn't working, so Dr. Amy counters by asking if her life wasn't working when she decided to quit that. Mere asks when Dr. Amy will stop suggesting that she's suicidal. Fascinating, coming from the girl who finally admitted that she let herself slip under the water. Dr. Amy tells her she'll stop when Mere starts acting like someone who wants to be alive. Whoever wrote this dialogue has clearly spent some time in a therapists care. Mere demands to see her chart to see if it says that she's suicidal, which she says is wrong. She claims that she nearly drowned when she fell in the water; she just went in for fun. It is beyond aggravating to listen to this after she herself realized that situation was somewhat of a suicide attempt. Dr. Amy reminds her of the time she put her hand in a body cavity that contained live ammunition. Mere says she merely wanted to save a patient, but Dr. Amy points out that everyone else there hit the deck. "You know, people run away from this line between life and death; you seem to stand on it and wait for a strong wind to sway you one way or the other. You're careless with your life. You're not slitting your wrists, but you're careless." She tells her it's probably because her mother told her how she was a waste of space when she was little and Mere believed it, and warns that she'll die one day because of it if she doesn't watch out. Way too close to the truth, here -- Mere angrily demands her chart and orders Dr. Amy to never speak of her mom again before walking out.

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