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Alarms are ringing in Tapley's OR. In the hubbub, Hahn starts to freak out. While she tries to take care of things she starts to yell at Richard about how stupid it was to do the surgery, how her reputation is going to be lost, and over Richard's trying to get her attention. She tells him it's not his reputation that will be ruined, even though she wishes it was. Once he can get a word in, he points out that the surgery is done. Richard asks, "You were saying?" and she has the good grace to let out a nervous, relieved, and mildly embarrassed laugh.

Greta, her sister, Mere and Derek all wait as the clock on the wall ticks from 3, to 4, and then to 5pm. At this point it's just Greta and Derek alone in the room. After checking that the clock is right she makes excuses that his plane was probably delayed, especially since she couldn't get through on his cell phone -- he's probably in flight. Derek says nothing, just hands her a tissue as she starts to cry. After she takes it she comments quietly, "My head did this." Derek corrects that the tumor did it. As her tears begin to spill down her cheeks, she asks if he was never there, and Derek shakes his head sadly. The realization fully hits her and she begins to moan and sob, in yet another of many examples of the guest stars getting to me emotionally far more than the regular cast members. Derek just takes her hand while she cries. Her sister and Mere come to see what's going on and Derek nods at them unhappily, indicating that she's finally accepted that Andre wasn't real.

Tucker comes to pick up Tuck. Bailey tells him that Tuck's been punching kids, and he says he knows and that it's happened before. She's angry that he didn't tell her, but he defends himself by saying that he doesn't judge how she does surgery, so she shouldn't judge how he parents. It quickly dissolves into a fight where Tucker yells at her for being the reason Tuck is in daycare instead of with his dad, just so she can see him for a few minutes every so often. George hears the voices (as does probably everyone working in the vicinity) and interrupts to say hi to Tuck and to ask if he can play with him for a moment. George leads Tuck away to play with office supplies while Tucker continues to yell at Bailey for all her time spent working. She says she does all of this work to build a life for them, and that she didn't have the luxury to take a year off to be with Tuck and have a job waiting at the end. His angry face gets even darker because clearly he did not see his full-time parenting as a luxury. The grass is always greener, indeed. George sits outside as they yell and tells Tuck awkwardly, "Uncle George says it's going to be okay," as he waves some scotch tape on his finger at the baby.

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